How Smart Home Technology Can Prevent Fires

Smart home technology is getting more and more recognition over the past couple of years. Think of your home. What’s the first thing that comes to mind? Your home is most likely the one place that’s most important to you.

After all, this is one place that houses all the people most important to you. Keeping that in mind, the number one priority for your home is not only keeping it safe but the people living in it as well.

Today, there are a handful of smart home devices that could help prevent a fire in your home, by detecting it before it gets worse. This minimizes the amount of serious damage a starting fire can do to your home by notifying you earlier.

One of the most effective ways to keep your home safe is by investing in a good smart smoke detection system. Many homes still rely upon traditional smoke detectors that eventually fail to provide the same level of security as a smart smoke detector.

An effective smoke detection system has to be extra sensitive when it comes to smoke and heat, alongside offer remote system access, in which you also get real-time alerts if anything were to go wrong.

Wi-Fi smoke detectors aren’t the only smart device that can prevent fires in your home. Here are some smart devices that can also prevent a fire and also provide alter to your smartphone and even to the fire department.

Smart Smoke Detector

Unlike traditional smoke detectors, smart smoke detectors have the ability to provide alarm notifications to your smartphone. In fact, smart smoke detectors can be wired into a home’s security system and also be monitored by a central station and the fire department if the alarm as to go off.

When this smart device detects the presence of smoke particles in the air surrounding it, they have the capability to shut down the air handling system in order to prevent the spread of smoke while the people in the house evacuate safely.

Some smart smoke detectors can also turn on pathway lights and offer spoken direction as to what your next step should be in case of a fire. You can further integrate a camera with the smart smoke detector, so as to better understand how the fire started in the first place.

Smart smoke detectors also send an alert to your smartphone when its battery charge level is low. There are certain models that also have carbon monoxide (CO) detection sensors. It’s recommended to invest in a smart smoke detector that has both smoke and CO detection systems in it.

Smart Fire Detectors

If you experience frequent false alarms with your smoke detectors, investing in a heat detector is another way of detecting fire in your home. There are typically two kinds of heat detectors. First is a simply fixed temperature detector that only alarms at a specific pre-set temperature.

Whereas the other is a rate-of-rise detector that alarms itself if a sudden rise in temperature is detected. You can get heat detectors that have both these capabilities built into them, allowing you peace of mind.

However, do be mindful that heat detectors don’t mean that you should replace smoke detectors in your bedrooms or other parts of your home, where it’s required to have a dire life safety. With smart technology becoming ‘smarter,’ many of these systems can now be interconnected.

In other words, if a detector was to go off in one area of your home, all the alarm will sound at once.

Smart Batteries

If a good smart smoke detector is a little out of your budget right now, you can consider purchasing a smart battery as an alternative, but only for the time being, because a smart smoke detector is still the best choice.

A smart battery can power existing detectors and also provide alarm notifications to your smartphone. Moreover, you can also monitor more than just one detector in your home, and also receive a notification if it’s time for you to replace the battery before it starts chirping.

Smart Plugs or Outlets

Smart plugs, or if you refer to them as smart outlets, can also offer peace of mind if you ever wonder whether you had unplugged the iron or the coffee pot before leaving home. You can also turn the lights on from an app and even control small appliances.

Certain smart plugs automatically turn the power off to your appliances if they are not in use.


Smart home devices aren’t just meant to bring more convenience to our lives, but also provide us with more safety and security. There you go with smart technology changing our lives for the better, and we trust it’s only going to get better with time.

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