Painting Your Home’s Interior: To Matte or Not to Matte?

The choice of color for your house says a lot about the kind of atmosphere you want when you relax and spend time with your family. Most people prefer colors that are neutral, so they could choose any color for their furnishings and furniture. But many homeowners also try to create a color theme for their home, to give it the ambiance they find ideal. Some choose colors that emulate Mediterranean colors while others choose rustic design and color swatches for a country mood. There are homeowners who are more experimental and adventurous when it comes to color. Think of Donald Trump’s Manhattan mansion, with its gold and marble interior, reminiscent of French Baroque. The opulent and magnificent interior seems to be made for celebrations, and anyone can imagine holidays cards and gifts designed with gold and silver shimmer paints and hues would not seem out of place.

But for ordinary people, the choices are less grandiose. Many prefer neutral and matte hues since these colors match any furniture color or design. Matte hues have gained a lot of popularity lately for interior wall paints. With no shine to it, the color is ideal for ceilings and walls that need no distractions. It applies smoothly with a roller or brush and covers imperfections well. However, in a house with children, it may not be a go-to option because it marks easily.

Master painters have many options for homeowners when it comes to matte. Ideally, you should be able to look at the choices you have with the contractor until you reach a decision. In some cases, you can even go for color mixes for different walls in a room. Whatever the case, you need to know the types that you are considering. Three common ones include:


This finish is subtle but not smooth. What that means is that it can hide imperfections competently. It works well in rooms like the children’s bedroom or playrooms. Eggshell is natural to apply, and a single coat can do the job. As a pro tip, pick this paint if you have a budget on the lower side; little color covers a large surface area.

Semi-gloss paint

This finish works excellently on trims but can also be applied on walls with professional expertise. It provides a hard finish that cleans well with soap and water. Semi-gloss produces a little shine in one coat. Since this paint is shiny, have spackle spots primed beforehand otherwise they will display as flat spots on the final finish.

Gloss paint

Second, to matte, gloss paint is one of most popular wall paint for any room in the house. It can also be used sparingly on woodwork to provide an excellent shine. However, the color shows imperfections, and so it is recommended to have more than one coat. Note that this paint also takes longer to dry up so be sure to plan the painting project with a lot of drying time.

It is no secret that changing the color in the walls of your house can change how it appears. However, changing the look to something you can live with is no mean task. A wrong paint can prove worse than none at all.

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