European Union officials are restricting TikTok use among employees.

TikTok is a popular app that is used all over the world, but it has been the subject of many rumors in recent years. According to officials, the app is not secure and poses a significant risk of a data breach, particularly if installed on government-issued phones. With this breaking news, people have become curious to understand the root problem and wonder if there is any way to deal with it.

The executive branch of the European Union said that it has restricted employees’ ability to use TikTok on their phones as a cyber security measure. Western officials are worried about the use of Chinese-owned video-sharing apps, considering the misuse of the data. Initially, for the European Commission, the Corporate Management Board even banned the use of TikTok on devices that were given to staff and even restricted them from using it on their devices, which they brought to work.

TikTok has recently faced numerous security concerns from the United States and Europe regarding data privacy and security. Many people use this popular app to promote pro-Beijing views and even misuse the user’s information. The West and China are already engaged in a massive war fueled by technology ranging from computer choppers to spy balloons.

The EU’s actions are the same as those of the US, where more than half of the states and Congress have banned TikTok from official government devices.

Know the reason behind the ban:

Many people are in a dilemma over why such a sudden ban on Tiktok is taking place. Primarily, it is the nation’s security concerns that are taken into consideration. This action was a part of the process to improve cyber security measures. The spokeswoman, Sonya Gospodinova, even shared with the press in Brussels that such action can prevent the commission from any cyber security actions and threats.

Caroline Greer, a TikTok public policy official based in Brussels, tweeted that such a suspension is misleading and based entirely on fundamental misconceptions. Further, She added that she had requested the meeting to ensure the records are set strictly. So the 125 million users that are currently using this app in the 27-nation European Union can use it with better data security measures. It includes reducing data sent outside the continent and establishing three new European data centers. However, the spokesperson from the commission’s response politely declined and did not comment on it. There is no clarification on the specific incident that triggered the suspension or what can be done to lift the ban.

Staffers would have to delete this app from the devices that they bring to the office or use for business purposes before March 15. The EU representatives further added that they cannot share any details on how that will verify if it has been done, but considering their firm statement, they seem to have a plan already.

Norway, which is not even part of the 27-nation EU, had one incident where the justice minister was told to apologize this month as she did not disclose that she had TikTok installed on her government-issued phone.


TikTok, after this breaking news, seems to be under a lot of pressure and is trying to mend its ways with the EU. The EU requires TikTok officials to develop new digital regulations that focus on cleaning up illegal yet toxic content while also enforcing strict data privacy rules.

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