Everything you need to know about ultrasonic thickness gauge

Metals and related structures across all industries are a prone to corrosion, erosion and damage. Therefore a regular inspection and measurement is essential to detect any loss caused by the above mention effects which ensures continued safety and operation of the structure. An ultrasonic thickness gauge is often used/applied to a variety of structures in various industries. The importance of thickness measuring is to determine if the structure requires any repair, replacement or should be rid-off. Every metal is designed with a thickness that serves the purpose that was originally meant for. Therefore ultrasonic thickness measurement gives accurate data and information that determine if the item has the adequate metal thickness. An ultrasonic thickness gauge works in an amazing way by determining the time a sound pulse takes to travel through a test piece and bounce back from the inner surface or far wall which is calculated and displayed on a digital screen. An ultrasonic transducer is a small probe that produces/generates the sound. The precision and portability of an ultrasonic thickness gauge provides instant results.

Ultrasonic thickness gauges comes with captivating and interesting benefits as compared to other measurements technique. The following are few importance of using ultrasonic thickness gauge technique to measure and monitor thickness of any structure.

Ultrasonic thickness gauges measures thickness from one side only of a structure. Big and large structures which may be hard or impossible to reach, can easily be measured and provide accurate data through use of ultrasonic thickness gauges technique by just accessing one side of the structure. Structures such as tanks and large metals.

Ultrasonic thickness gauges techniques are non-destructives. While using other thickness measuring techniques, you may be required to cut or section some parts of the structure which may be destructive. However, ultrasonic thickness gauges are nondestructive hence saving scrap and destruction of the structure.

Ultrasonic thickness are modernized and digitalized hence provides accurate and error-free data which makes it more reliable. The accuracy of an equipment makes it more reliable ad desirable.

Depending on the material and transducer selection, an ultrasonic thickness gauge provides a wide range of measurement. This ensure better measurement and accuracy of all structures including small and big ones.

Ultrasonic thickness gauge provides instant results. The results are calculated and displayed on a digital screen instantly taking just one or two second. That makes it faster hence saves time.

Ultrasonic thickness gauge are easy to use as they are not complicated. The applications have a direct pre-programmed measurements setups which have little operation. In case of any complication there are manuals and tutorials with instructions how to use and operate it.

 The ultrasonic thickness gauge are integrated with data logging and statistical analysis programs enabling it to store data or transfer them to any device for future reference.

In conclusion, an ultrasonic thickness gauge technique is an essential equipment that monitors the quality of the structure and any effect of corrosion and erosion. Coltraco Ultrasonic provides quality and reliable ultrasonic thickness gauges which ensures continuous assessment of the structures.


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