Buy Facebook likes and you will damage your business and get fired

If you are the one the company you work for has entrusted with managing their social media accounts, there comes a time when they want you to do more. Your boss will be breathing on your neck telling you how your competitor has more likes and followers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms. At that point, you might be tempted to buy real Facebook likes. A quick search on the Internet will reveal a huge number of services you can buy facebook likes fast. In fact, you can also find a lot of tutorial on how to buy facebook likes. All that sounds good until you open another site that lists all the reasons why you should never buy likes for your company’s Facebook account. Suddenly you realize that you have no choice but to try and grow your social media influence organically.

Buying likes and other social media services is an outdated and barely effective strategy for growing your brand’s awareness. In fact, buying likes does some real damage to your account in the long term. Facebook is always trying to identify and root out fake and inactive accounts from it platform and when they finally catch up with you, the consequences will be dire for your brand. Facebook will start by removing the fake accounts from which your likes come and if they see it fit, they will also ban your account permanently or temporarily. If not, they will shadow ban your account so that whatever posts you make won’t be visible to anybody else on the platform except yourself. When that happens, you will be in much more trouble with your boss than when you at least had few likes but you still had an account. Now, you won’t have the few likes you had and worse, you won’t even have an account.

When you buy likes, what you are simply doing is to damage the credibility of your brand. It tells your audience that you are not willing to work hard and gain legitimate likes, but instead would rather use shortcuts to get ahead in business. It sounds simple, but the damage that such a thing can deal to your brand can be irreparable. You as the person in charge might have to be let go so that the management can try to convince the public that you acted alone in buying fake likes and that your actions are highly condemned and do not represent the image of the company in any way. The audience may forgive the company after some time and continue engaging with the brand, but you will be long gone and forgotten. As such, if you can’t stay away from fake likes for your company, then at least do it for yourself so that you don’t force your boss to fire you when they find out what you did.

Purchased likes do not improve the engagement between your content and your audience in any way. They are simply just a number.

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