Why Invest In Ultrasonic Flow Meter?

You’ve established that you need to measure flow in your processes, meaning that you require a flow meter.  Next, you’ve established your system and operational parameters and considered the pipe location, among other significant factors that help while choosing the best flow meter. It is time to choose a step that can prove overwhelming. Do you go for ultrasonic, displacement, turbine, or differential pressure flow meter, to mention a few, and what makes the option the best fit? Each option has its pros and cons, but the non-intrusive ultrasonic flow meter wins on various fronts regardless of your situation. If you are considering it, here is why you should choose the ultrasonic flow meter technology.


The installation process can be a pain, but you won’t be subjected to such annoyances with the clamp ultrasonic flow meter. You simply attach it to the outside of the pipe, and you are ready to go. This can be done even with an ongoing process without causing any downtime. Regardless of your system and operational parameters, even n hazardous situations, you can comfortably place the flow meter and enjoy accurate measurements. Such user-friendliness saves you quality time and resources, top reasons to choose the ultrasonic flow meter.


Installations don’t necessitate cutting pipes, meaning that the flow meter doesn’t come into contact with the flowing media. This means that you enjoy an uninterrupted process without necessitating investment in special materials, especially for wetted measurement systems. This saves resources while improving productivity. While operating, the ultrasonic flow meter isn’t affected by pressure surges or solid content in the flow. What’s more, zero-point measurement readings aren’t affected should there be pressure charges.  The pressure-resistant and robust flow meter offers accurate readings without necessitating considerable handling, a consideration that improves productivity. Such efficiency can dramatically improve your operations, a win that other options don’t offer.


Easy installation, with no pipe work, welding and mechanical works means lower costs. Since the flow meter isn’t in contact with the flow media, there is minimal wear and tear on the measurement system, meaning that you enjoy it for an extended period. Maintaining it is also easy, and with the durable materials, you can enjoy the ultrasonic flow meter for a long period.  This lowers production costs without affecting the quality, considerable advantages that make the ultrasonic flow meter the go-to for many industries.


The progressive technology utilized in developing the flow meter makes it a top choice. The hysteresis-free system, drift-free and stable flow meter offers precise and bi-directional flow measurements. Even at extreme pipe temperatures and a high measuring rate, its quick response time facilitates accuracy. The system isn’t sensitive to velocity peaks, pulsations, vibrations, crossflow conditions, or swirling flows, among other concerns that might affect the measurements, further facilitating accuracy. Such progressive technology is all you need to maintain a productive operation.

As technology continues to revolutionize various considerations, it wouldn’t be a wise decision to rely on old and outdated equipment in your production facilities. As you update the systems, investing in the best ultrasonic flow meter shouldn’t be overlooked, and the best part is that its installation won’t affect your operations.

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