Outdoor Charm And Privacy For Patios

When thinking about the beautiful summer that is just around the corner, the first thing that comes to mind is a patio. In recent times, one of the most prominent features of an American household is the outdoor living space. It is no longer just a piece of land with some grass or loose scattered pebbles. Landscape designing is now a top priority among homeowners and designers alike.

When planning a patio, there are a couple of different things that should be considered, such as the paver that becomes the base of the patio, the accessories that go on top, any additional features that may make it more useful, and privacy.


Any material installed in the ground technically falls within the paver category. These can come manufactured or be natural stones.

Natural stones are a beautiful addition to the outdoors, but each stone has a particular set of characters. There are countless types of natural stones, but the most popular are Granites, Bluestones, Limestones, and Travertines. Granite is undoubtedly among the best and most durable materials for outdoor spaces. This stone does not chip, shale, or stain like many others.

Bluestone with a natural cleft face is known to chip and flake as water goes into its crevices and freezes. This issue can be solved for a while if it is thermal bluestone. Limestones and Travertines are porous stones; they do erode over time but have a beautiful finish and are famous for pool decks.

There are many companies manufacturing stones in the United States. Each area has a local dealer where examples of the available type are displayed. Neither type of paver is better than the other; the most effective way to choose a paver would be to pick something that you naturally gravitate towards, and also serves best for the other features you have in mind.

Additional features and Decor

Once you have your pavers selected, it is now time to think about adding some charm into the patio. On top of the patio, one of the most common aspects would be a dining set or furniture. While furniture sets look good, additional elements can be added, such as fire features, kitchens, and fences for patios.

Fire features are an exciting and practical addition to your patio. While keeping you warm and bright, it can also serve as a source of cooking and a center point to gather around. Within fire features, you can opt for fireplaces, pits, pedestals, and even urns.

Similarly, outdoor kitchens can add a touch of practicality and sophistication to your outdoor living space.


Unless your patio is not only surrounded by woods or the beach, privacy would be a natural concern.

Fences for patios are essential for privacy reasons. However, they can also be used creatively and made into a feature. Just like your pavers, there are several materials that you can pick for your fences.

Vinyl fences would require almost no maintenance and would come in a variety of colors. Wrought iron fences can add a vintage charm to your patio and mixed with vertical growing plants to ensure privacy. Wrought iron can be new or upcycled, for some added interest.

Similarly, you can opt for natural wood for these fences. Planters made from the same wood, added at various heights in a random pattern, can also be used.

The key to a beautiful patio is to be creative and have fun with the design.

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