Matt Davies Harmony Communities Discusses If Animals Grieve the Loss of Other Pets in Your House


Losing a beloved pet is heartbreaking for people, and it can be equally upsetting for other animals in the home. Pet grief is somewhat mysterious, and the matter of animal grief has been a focal point of many researchers for decades. Matt Davies Harmony Communities provides an overview of pet grief and what owners can do to encourage their four-legged friends since many owners report behavioral changes in surviving pets.

Grief in animals (along with other complex emotions) has been well demonstrated, from the heartbreaking picture of a dog lying in front of his owner’s casket to animal mourning rituals. While the emotional lives of animals are obviously rich, few studies have been conducted to investigate how pets mourn the loss of other pets in the home.

What Happens When Pets Grieve for Another Pet?

Even though scientists are unsure how pets perceive their surroundings, they are fairly certain that pets experience various emotions. Add to this the fact that feelings and expressions differ from person to person. Not all dogs, for example, may exhibit signs of grief simply because it is discovered, among others.

Pets, like their owners, create connections with other members of their family. This is especially true for pack-oriented animals such as dogs. Cats can also make adjustments to a social environment in which they become acquainted with other animals.

In fact, since they spend so much time together, household pets form very deep relationships with other animals in the home. Because their world is much smaller than ours, familiarity becomes crucial to their security and well-being.

As a result, when another pet dies, the surviving pets tend to experience stress or anxiety. They may even desperately seek out the deceased pet as a response to the drastic shift in household dynamics.

The clinical signs of grief in pets often resemble separation anxiety. The loss has a greater impact on animals who already have anxiety issues or who have established close relationships with other pets in the home.

3 Tips to Assist Pets Deal with Grief

When a friend or a family member dies, it is natural to experience grief. The behaviors you may observe vary depending on how close the relationship was between the individuals and the temperament of the pet. However, regardless of how grief manifests itself, pet parents can do a lot to help. Here are some suggestions for assisting pets in dealing with loss.

1.       Recognize the Symptoms -Consider all of the ways you’ve seen people cope with loss. Some may prefer to be alone, while others prefer company. Some people cry uncontrollably, while others remain stoic. All of these reactions are natural. Other observed behavioral changes included the avoidance of normal sleeping locations, aggression toward humans and other animals, and modifications in elimination behaviors.

2.       Provide Them with What They Need -When dealing with grief, pet owners must pay close attention to their animals’ emotions. If a pet desires more attention, give it to her; however, don’t force yourself on a pet who wishes to spend some quiet time alone in her friend’s favorite spot.

3.       Understand When Veterinary Care Is Needed -Pets that stop getting better or develop signs of physical illness such as chronic loss of appetite, vomiting, or diarrhea must be assessed by a veterinarian. The stress triggered by the loss of a friend can sometimes result in serious health issues that must be addressed.

If, on the other hand, your veterinarian issues a clean bill of health for your pet, he or she may be capable of prescribing medications or suggesting other methods of care that will enhance your pet’s quality of life.


The death of a pet is a difficult time for your entire family. However, according to Matt Davies Harmony Communities, remembering to provide assistance and comfort to your other pet family members during this time can aid in the grieving period and promote healing for the entire family.

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