Reasons to prepare for an earthquake

Practice drills for evacuation efficiency

One of the best methods for being prepared in a cataclysmic earthquake is to develop automaticity of protocol for maximum evacuation speed. Dropping down and protecting your head is very important for increased protection during an earthquake. During these drills, it’s crucial to note safe zones within the home where you’re not near any dangerous furniture that can potentially fall and injure someone. Pretending that there’s an actual earthquake during these drills is important for getting a sense of what to do when one strikes. You will be conditioned to respond quickly and without any impulsive fear that could serve as a disadvantage. Having a plan to escape in the event a home collapses is also imperative, and escape routes should be established.

Acting on priorities during an earthquake

There are many important items that you may wish to salvage during an earthquake and they include important documents and other items with sentimental value. Having space in a truck prepared to place these belongings will make it easier to pile what is necessary quickly and efficiently. If evacuation is a must then you should also secure any running electrical appliances to reduce any other potential problems. Having a plan before an earthquake strikes will ensure that you have a comprehensive understanding of what needs to be done before you evacuate the building. Drills are intended to help guide you through the motions within a certain time frame to better prepare yourself when the actual tremors occur. Sometimes they are subtle and non-damaging, but other cases can lead to potentially dangerous shifts that can dismantle an entire house with no warning.

Emergency supplies and documentation

Stocking up on the necessary supplies to facilitate health and well-being is always an important aspect of earthquake preparedness. To start with, one should have a well-rounded medical kit with a backup that includes the medical tools needed to immediately address a wound. Secondly, food and water are important to have in the event you may be without cooking utensils for a period of time. There may be important pieces of information about medical history or routines that need to be accounted for, and having organized prepper lists will help things to run smoother during an emergency. Our instinct in such situations may be to panic sharply when unexpected tremors of nature come knocking, but we also have a mind that can develop foresight into the future and enact preventative measures. Important telephone numbers and bank information are all good to have copies ready to go, as well as hospital insurance.

The benefits of being prepared

No one wants to be caught like a deer in the headlights when confronting mother nature. If you live in an area with aggressive earthquakes, then you should utilize the proper tools and systems of preparation to ensure the safety of all. Peace of mind is the primary benefit of taking the time and resources to build a comprehensive emergency plan. You will sleep better at night knowing that there is a plan set in stone for earthquakes, and your mind will act accordingly when one really strikes. Now you can’t take out the butterflies of a scary scenario entirely, but role-playing during a serious emergency can reduce the fear of the unknown all around by familiarizing yourself with the proper safety measures. Some may even opt for reinforcements or modifications to the home to make it more resistant to tremors through nailing existing structures down or fortifying the house foundation.

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