Ways to Prevent Accidents from Happening in the Bathroom

Bathrooms can expose people to vulnerabilities such as slip and fall accidents. With nearly all the fixtures in the bathroom emitting water, it becomes unavoidable for puddles to form. This problem becomes particularly worrying when there are children and senior citizens also using the bathroom. Here is a short list of ways to prevent accidents from happening in the bathroom.


Installing handrails in the bathroom, especially near the toilet and shower area, can be helpful for older people. In the event that they lose balance, they will have something to hold onto. If they slip, they can still help themselves up with the support of a handrail.

Walk-in shower

If there is a lot of water pooling around your bathroom after you use the shower, you might want to consider walk in showers. They can keep the water inside your shower and immediately drain the area, making the clean-up process easy. As an added bonus, it can give your bathroom a more contemporary look.


Making sure that the floor is dry is nearly impossible if there aren’t enough drains around the bathroom. However, a bathroom that is designed well will have enough drains to keep the floor dry. Although it would cost some money, consider having the necessary upgrade in this part of the bathroom.

Exhaust fan

Having enough ventilation in your bathroom is important. However, this may not be possible all the time, as some bathrooms are designed without any windows. In this case, it would be wise to install an exhaust fan to make sure that the floor would stay dry and that there wouldn’t be any mould or mildew accumulating.


Buying rugs for your bathroom will not only make your bathroom look less plain, but it also serves as a way to reduce the water on the floor, preventing accidents. However, for shower areas, it is recommended to use rubber mats. Its surface helps maintain balance, and the material is better suited for getting wet.


If you don’t like the idea of using a rubber mat, using patterned tiles with slight recessions in them can be helpful. The small depressions work the same way as a rubber mat. Although this solution is more costly, it is safer because you don’t have to worry about the water pooling in the rubber mat.

Soap dish

Although a deceivingly simple solution, with its function being even simpler, soap dishes have become a second thought when thinking of ways to prevent slips and falls. There are many people who have slipped on a bar of soap, which is why the importance of soap dishes shouldn’t be ignored.

Final thoughts

It’s vital to be aware of the accidents that can happen in the bathroom. Consider all the users of a bathroom, so you can determine exactly what you need. Not all bathrooms are the same; they all come with their advantages and caveats, so recognising them will be an important step to keeping everyone in your household safe.

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