Preparing for Christmas

The adverts have been unveiled, decorations are appearing in people’s windows and classic music is playing in the shops. We can’t deny it any longer, Christmas is on the way.

Today we’re taking a look at some of the things you can do right now to prepare, and feel more confident you’ll be ready when the big day comes!

Planning Ahead

The best thing you can do is make a list of things you want to get done between now and Boxing Day, so you can see exactly what’s needed. From buying presents to planning meals, this lets you spread out the work that needs to be done (both over time and across different. helpful people).

It’s up to you whether you want to keep this as a list scribbled on the back of an envelope, turn it into a shared Google Doc, or invest in a wall planner (it might be that being too militant could rob the day itself of some of its magic!) – whatever works for you and your household.

Stocking Up

Whether you’re having a score of family to stay or a lazy few days with your nearest and dearest, it’s worth putting some thought into stocking the cupboards so you don’t have to do battle with the crowds on Christmas Eve, or emerge too soon from the dozy comfort of Boxing Day.

It’s not just food you need to worry about (though don’t get so carried away with the feast of Christmas Day that you forget people will need toast and fruit and ham sandwiches right through the week!). Check the first aid box – nothing puts a crimp in Christmas Day than a painful cut and no plaster. Think about upset stomachs too – anti-acid pills and rehydration solutions like dioralyte or ORS Hydration can help the overindulgent recover faster!

Cooking Ahead

One of the best ways to enjoy the approach to Christmas is by cooking seasonal recipes that you can store and bring out the week of Christmas to great acclaim! Some you can happily buy as finished articles from the shop if you wish, some are simply fun festive exercises, and others are vital time saving tips!

Baking a Christmas Cake or making a Christmas Pudding is a way to make Christmas feel a little more home made and magical, and get other people – especially children – involved in the kitchen. The traditional date for making a Christmas Pudding is Stir Up Sunday – the last Sunday before Advent. Christmas Cake can be made even earlier, wrapped tightly, kept in an airtight tin and fed with rum or brandy until Christmas!

One of the best time saving tips you can learn over Christmas is roasting your turkey ahead of time! Roast your turkey on Christmas Eve, let it cool, then carve it thickly, pour over a gravy, cover it tightly and let it rest in the fridge overnight! This takes a huge helping of stress out of Christmas Day, and helps make sure your turkey is moist and flavoursome! All you need to worry about is the sprouts!

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