How Pulsed Semiconductor Laser Diodes Work

Pulse laser diodes are designed in various variants and different wavelengths. They can be created in the wavelengths 905nm, 1064nm, and 1550nm. Industrial lidar and range finding applications require the use of the generation 2 905 nm high volume pulsed semiconductor laser diodes. The design has included a multilayer microlithic chip design, an 85W pulsed power break, 3 W/A, and an improved GaAs structure. When compared to the single cavity design, this design has an enhancement on its optical emitting area and also has been upgraded to a three-cavity design.

Features and Benefits of the Generation 2 design

  1. Plastic TO package- using the plastic TO package design has been used in high volume appliances due to its cost-effectiveness. This design includes plastic TO packaging.
  2. Increased power output- when used as a range finder, this design consumes 20% less power compared to other designs to measure the same distance. This makes this design capable of measuring greater distances while consuming minimal power.
  3. Triple cavity design- the triple cavity design included in generation 2 enables it to offer three times the level of optical power compared to that provided by the single cavity design.


  1. The design of the generation two semiconductor laser diode is simple and compacted. This makes it have a small dimension as opposed to being bulky.
  2. The diode has proven to be more efficient when compared to other earlier laser diode designs.
  3. Since the laser diode design uses laser power, it requires less power to operate compared to the carbon dioxide laser or the ruby lase designs.
  4. The generation 2 high volume semiconductor laser diode produces a continuous pulsed output and a wave output.
  5. The design provides the option of increasing the laser output which is done by controlling the junction current.
  6. The type of auxiliary equipment needed when using the semiconductor diode design is very little.


  • The laser diode cannot be applied in many applications since it produces low power.
  • The laser diode needs to be cooled and this may be a drawback during its use.
  • The output received from the laser diode is usually affected by the temperatures.
  • When compared to other types of laser diodes, it has a greater beam divergence.

Applications of the Generation 2 High Volume Semiconductor Laser Diode

  1. CD writing, reading, and laser printers use the semiconductor laser diode.
  2. It can be used in fiber optics communication applications.
  3. The product can also serve as a pain killer.
  4. It can be employed in the healing of wounds caused by exposure to infrared radiation.


The semiconductor laser diodes are designed using complex combinations of electrons and holes. They are used in various applications which makes them important. The generation 2 design is an improvement that enables much more to be achieved while conserving power and energy. Through the improvement of a few parts of the earlier laser diodes, much more was achieved making this innovation important in applications in various fields.

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