Should the Government Increase the Penalty for Illegal Logging?

Illegal logging is one of the reasons why we experience global warming and gradually destroy our world. We use wood for various purposes, and it’s important. However, some companies are too greedy, and they end up cutting trees they’re not supposed to. The worst part is that they usually escape the consequences. Even if there are rules concerning illegal logging, they ignore them. Their strong connections with government officials allow them to escape the law.

As such, is it time to increase the penalty for illegal logging? Will this policy change finally put an end to these greedy companies?

Enforcing the law

Before we even think about changing the laws, we need to start by making sure that we enforce the law. Regardless of the laws that we have, they would be useless if there’s no proper enforcement. Even if the fine isn’t too big, it’s still an amount no company would want to lose. Therefore, they will find a way to follow the law and avoid facing these penalties.

Electing the right people to office

It’s also important that we put in power the best people for the job. We can’t afford to have politicians who are corrupt and will get bribed by these companies. You want someone with principles and integrity to be in power. Even if there are strong laws, if the people in power can easily sweep them under the rug, the illegal loggers will succeed.

Boycott these companies

Another way to discourage illegal practices is by boycotting these companies. Take matters into your own hands. Customers have a huge voice, and several companies changed their practices when they realized they started to lose profits. You want them to change, and the best way to do it is to make them think about their actions.

Since you want to take the lead, you also have to make sure that you’re doing the right thing at home. Avoid using items made of wood if there are other alternatives. You also need to be careful about throwing away items made from wood, if you can reuse them. Segregating your trash is important, so you know which items have to go, and which of them need to stay. You can even ask for help from Evergreen Junk Removal if you want to take trash away from your house.

Pushing for this policy is still the goal

There are tons of hurdles before achieving this goal, but we will eventually get there. We have to make these greedy people realize that they won’t succeed. We have to protect the environment, and we can’t let them win the day. It will take a while before politicians have the will to pass stronger laws to protect the environment, but it would be hard to resist an overwhelming voice from the public.

We can do a lot to save the environment, but we also have to stop people from doing the opposite.


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