When it comes to choosing the right firm to install your solar panels, don’t take anything for granted. Choose Noble Solar, to get the most out of your solar panels, must be installed by professionals who know what they’re doing.

Several businesses claim to install solar systems correctly, but how can you know who to trust? To make the most outstanding selection for your house, let’s take a look at what you should look for in solar providers.


        Start by checking how many years of experience and expertise a firm has. The importance of knowledge cannot be overstated, therefore work with solar installers who have performed solar panel installations on Mornington Peninsula houses for several years before.

Indemnity & Licence

     Consider the license and insurance of a solar power electrician before making your selection. To make sure you and those you work with are covered in the event of an accident, it’s essential to deal with an electrician who has insurance. If they are working with solar panels or electrical systems, they should have all of the necessary licenses and certifications.


       It would be best if you also looked into the company’s reputation since this will tell you whether or not you’re going to have an excellent or poor experience there. You might ask friends and family members who have worked with solar panel and installation firms. Residents of the Mornington Peninsula may also check online for reviews and ratings of the firm they are contemplating hiring for their project or service.

Cost-effective Pricing

           To get the most excellent deal on a solar power electrician, you’ll need to shop around and compare estimates from several electrical businesses in your area. For this reason, don’t assume a firm with a high quote will be better than one with a lower one. You should consider all the available information on the company before making a decision.

Guarantee Of Workmanship

         Please get to know the concept of a craftsmanship warranty, because it’s pretty essential. This guarantee will cover any problems that may develop as a result of improper installation. When working with an experienced solar panel installation firm, this guarantee may not even be necessary. It would help if you got a warranty on your solar panels placed on your Mornington Peninsula property since issues might occur at any time.

Types Of Warranties

      Solar panels, equipment, and installation come with a variety of warranties. There are several warranties, including

  1. Solar Panel Warranty: A 25- to 30-year warranty should be included with your solar panel purchase. It is important to note that if your manufacturer offers you a guarantee of fewer than 25 years, this is regarded to be lower than the industry norm. As part of this warranty, the panel’s power output is guaranteed to be at a minimum throughout the whole warranty term. According to industry standards, you should receive a minimum of 80% energy output for the duration of the guarantee.
  2. Installation Warranty: Incorrect installation of solar panels and related equipment is covered by this guarantee. These warranties might run anywhere from two to ten years. They often include labor and parts associated with repairing or replacing system components, roof penetrations, and shipping costs, and faulty parts replacement among others. Ask your contractor what sort of installation guarantees they give for further information.
  3. Inverter Warranty: Company-to-company, inverter warranties might differ. Industry standards can give you a clearer sense of what kind of warranty you should expect. Traditional string inverters that manage power from a string of panels typically have a guaranteed duration of 5 to 10 years.

Solar installation companies have a lot of factors to take into account. However, looking at the items listed above will make selecting the proper specialists for your solar panel installation job much more manageable.

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