The cake is an amalgam of ingredients. The ingredients of the cake decide on what type of cake it is, but generally, cakes have some basic texture of flour, sweetener, essence, and mysterious ingredients. At present, the cake is just like a cup of tea; every third person in society is asking for it. A decade ago, it seemed very rare and difficult to bake at home. Still, on the contrary, the availability of baking ingredients, utensils, equipment, and more, both in offline or online markets has made baking familiar in every household. In fact, not just the delivery of baking equipment is easy, opting for online cake delivery in Kolkata, Mumbai, etc. places is quite common now.

The cake is a sweet dessert that becomes part of parties, events, weddings, and other occasions without even asking for it. Cakes are synonymous to merriness these days. In fact, not just that, cakes have become quite easy to bake at home. So, if you are planning to bake a cake, there are thousands of creative and elegant ideas of doing so. Here, we have listed ten creative and easy birthday cakes ideas for you.

  1. Chocolate Cake with Flower-

If you are seeking the idea of cake for children, then this cake is perfect for them. Children love chocolates, and they love to play with colourful flowers. So, bake them a chocolate cake and twist it with colourful frosting. Or decorate the cake with flowers made from whipped cream or by chocolatey and colourful gems.

  1. Sprinkled Cake-

Sprinkle cake can be baked in any shape you like or according to the mould available at your place. Just keep in mind that you only have to bake a cake and spread your kid’s favourite sprinkles. And for that, use canned frosting, gems, marshmallow etc.

  1. Cupcake Cake-

Cupcakes are the most sought after cakes and can be made easily and efficiently. Bake some regular cupcakes and play with the colourful frosting on the cupcakes. Google some of the easiest ways to decorate cupcakes, and you will find a list full of it.

  1. Giant Doughnut Cake-

This cake can be used for small parties, events, and single-hand use. This cake is the main attraction of small children parties. All you need to do is bake a regular cake in the flavour of your choice and decorate it with chocolate ganache and colourful sprinkles. Ohh.. and don’t forget to take a cake cookie cutter and insert in the middle of the cake and take that part out, so that it looks like an exact doughnut!

  1. Candy Cake-

Candy cake can be your favourite. This type of cake can work in two ways- one as a cake itself and two as your favourite candy. Candies can be used differently as in moulded form, straight form, or crushed form to decorate the cake.

  1. Easy Ice Cream Cake-

Ice cream cake can work for those who love chilled desserts. This cake can be served as frosted ice cream. Ice cream can be sandwiched or can be laid on top to make this cake look more scrumptious.

  1. Monster Eye Cake-

The monster eye can be done for styling. It can be done on any cake mentioned above. The big double layer can be formed, but more interestingly, the use of black and white frosting add a more elegant look to it.

  1. Fantasy Cake-

Fantasy cake belongs to the world of fantasy like Disney world, cartoons, and forests. Such cakes can be decorated depicting a scene from any Disney movie, Kit Kat world forest, or maybe like a Jungle-safari.

  1. Dream Cake-

Dream cake doesn’t cover any boundary of such other cake, but it’s upon you how you want to create it. Generally, this cake is a mixture of favourite things of your kid such as gems, toffees, chocolates, candies, etc.

  1. Achievement Cake-

Achievement cake is the impression of what you have achieved like a trophy cake, basketball cake, jersey cake, etc. Nowadays, such cakes are quite a trend, especially after influencers began to celebrate a milestone on social media platforms.

These cakes are lovely to design and can be baked easily. So, go ahead and try your hand on these, right away.

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