Top Hotel and Airbnb Strategies for the 2024 Paris Olympics 

As the Paris 2024 Olympic Games approaches (July 26 to August 11), short-term rental searches for the period surrounding the action have increased significantly, as you’d expect. Listings in Paris are being viewed 100 times more than the same time last year, and the rates for hotels and private accommodation have rocketed by eye-watering amounts.

According to Le Parisien, the average rate of increase (for a double room) is around six times the current summer prices, with some far exceeding that. The Paris Vaugirard, for example, is letting a 90€ room for 1,363€ during the Games.

Airbnb is one of Paris 2024’s global partners, so you can expect to hear plenty from the local host giant. They’re already promoting the benefits of hosting on the platform to anyone in and around Paris with a suitable property or rooms, even if it’s just for those few weeks where they stand to make a highly inflated profit, despite the regulations set by the stringent Paris authorities. Here are UpperKey’s tips for creating your Paris 2024 Olypmic Accommodations strategy.

  1. Take the route of least resistance – buy an official bundle

With travel packages and hospitality packages direct from the Olympic Games’ organisers, you’re guaranteed the tickets or ticket bundles, transport, and accommodation for your choice of events and duration. However, the cost of your trip could turn out to be considerably more than it needs to be, given the organisers commandeer the prime hotels central to each competition.

  1. Build your own bundle and go DIY

If you haven’t got a bottomless budget, putting your BnB strategies to work and tracking down cheaper private room deals instead of pricier hotels or properties allows Olympics fans to experience the atmosphere and adventure at a fraction of the cost.

However, getting your hands on your chosen event tickets is somewhat of a lottery, with their release happening in stages, at specific times.

You should also double-check when your preferred events are happening. If you’re only planning a few days’ stay, it’s essential to know exactly which days they’re on and that you can get from venue to venue.

  1. Pick the perfect area for your chosen events

There are 15 Olympic sites (and 11 Paralympic sites) that spread into the suburbs of Paris and beyond. If you’re hoping to catch the soccer, basketball, handball, and sailing, you’ll be heading way outside of the capital to Bordeaux, Nantes, Lyon, and more. If you’re a surfing fan, you’ll be flying to Tahiti in the middle of the Pacific Ocean!

Many visitors don’t realise that many of the best and closest hotels are booked years in advance. The International Olympic Committee, National Organizing Committees, sponsors, and official hospitality providers sign deals to house athletes and officials or to fulfil the packages available on the official hospitality and travel package pages.

When choosing your accommodation, it’s wise to pay attention to the event schedule. Some events will have far earlier start times, so staying within walking distance would be a considerable advantage, yet for those with late finishes within suitable transport links, perhaps not so much.

With 33 sports to choose between and a total of 339 events, events are happening in all 20 arrondissements as well as towns and cities further afield.

  1. Get in early

With stay rates so highly inflated, the earlier you book your accommodation, the more likely you will get a better deal. However, with Airbnb and the other short-term rental platforms encouraging brand new hosts to get in on the action, there could still be bargains (well, maybe not bargains, but less expensive options, at least) still to come to the table. Monitoring rates over all the platforms is a must to keep on top of the market and know when you’ve spotted a good deal.

Getting in early isn’t just about trying to get a deal on your accommodation; it’s also about still having a choice. The nearer we get to the Games, the fewer hotel rooms, apartments, and private rooms will be available. It’s essential not to leave things too late if you want to find somewhere that offers the comfort and accessibility you’re hoping for.

  1. Consider stays further afield

With an excellent and efficient public transport system, you could save some money or find a more suitable stay outside the most popular central Paris areas. 

If you plan to attend sports outside the centre or in further-afield towns and cities, you could track down better value opportunities, making, where possible, day trips to alternative venues for other events.

Regeneration plan opportunities

As with many previous Olympics, the hosting city is using the event as an opportunity to integrate a strategic urban regeneration plan, updating areas with socio-economic challenges (high unemployment, urban decay, public safety, etc.). Despite being rich in culture and history, such spaces have been less attractive to tourists so they may offer more attractive rates.

  1. Keep a close eye on Airbnb and the other BnB platforms

With Airbnb predicting around half a million visitors likely to stay with their hosts during the Games, it’s looking like a busy few weeks. To maximise listings, they’re already promoting opportunities for new hosts, such as co-hosting with friends and family, and over every type of listing.

Many more locals living in non-residential areas are still expected to join those making a quick buck, so again, keep an eye on the short-let rental platforms for new deals as they post their listings.


It’s a cheesy old adage, but there’s a lot of truth in the saying, ‘failing to plan is planning to fail’. Whether it’s event tickets, accommodation, flights or other transport, getting in early while you still have options is likely the safest and lowest-stress option for getting your Olympic adventure on track.

And if that doesn’t satisfy your inner sports fan, there’s the Paralympics from August 28 to September 8. If you want to get in on that action, you’d be wise to follow the same strategies.

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