Is Term Plan Safe?

Our life and the things that happen to us in them are utterly unexpected. It may be vulnerable to a severe disaster or serious sickness that might immediately affect your financial stability. The family of the dead may go through a severe financial crisis if that individual was the only source of income in the home.

The dependents’ savings may not be enough to cover all of their demands in terms of money. Therefore, a term or life insurance plan may be useful in such situations. A term plan is a type of life insurance that people can purchase to protect their own lives. Under the term plan, a set length and sum assured are always specified. A term insurance policy ensures this financial security and helps the family members cope with the financial loss in the event that the family’s breadwinner passes away unexpectedly.

The total amount offered by the insurance company might help the dependents pay off all of the debts their loved one left behind and have happy lives.

Is It a Good or Bad Idea to Buy a Term Plan?

When an insured person unexpectedly passes away, a term plan provides insurance coverage in the form of a mortality benefit to the policy’s nominee. A term life insurance plan is a wise investment nowadays and has become crucial since it ensures a safe and protected financial future for people and their loved ones.

A term insurance plan offers a tonne of benefits in addition to providing financial security for a person and his or her loved ones, including affordable premium costs, added rider benefits, and several more. Term insurance policies are a wise financial choice during hard times because of this.

Advantages of Buying a Term Plan

The following are some benefits of purchasing a term plan:

Sizeable sum is guaranteed with a premium

The simplest and purest type of insurance policy is a term insurance plan. The term plan’s capacity to be cost-effective is by far its most important asset. The lowest premium amount is certainly held by a term plan when compared to many other types of life insurance plans.

In addition to this, people should constantly keep in mind that it is always preferable to put money in a term plan from a young age. The key benefit of buying a term plan early is that the earlier you invest in one, the lower your premium obligations will be and the greater the coverage amount.

Superior Flexibility and Lower Losses

Because term plans are so flexible, investing in one has additional benefits. Additionally, people may easily withdraw from a term plan as opposed to an insurance policy based on capital value.

Let’s say someone is unable to pay their premium installment on time. After the grace period, the term plan will automatically expire; the insured individual won’t need to make any more adjustments. The failure to pay the premium will cause a large loss since the banks or the insurance company will continue to deduct money even after termination.

Tax Benefits

A term plan additionally offers tax benefits under two other provisions of the Indian Income Tax Act, 1961. A buyer of a term plan will be entitled to Section 80C tax exemptions on the insurance premium amount. Additionally, a person who holds a term plan qualifies for maturity benefits under section 10 (10D) and exemptions from Return of Premium Plans (TROP).

Additional Benefits for Riders

Purchasing a term plan might provide you access to a variety of additional rider advantages. To reinforce your term plan, you may easily pick a rider and choose to add it, and you can do so for a very small premium increase.

You must keep in mind, though, that these extra rider advantages might differ from one insurer to another. Therefore, before making a wise choice, it is always advisable to review all the terms and circumstances pertaining to the additional rider advantages listed in the policy.

Cover for Terminal Illness

Any critical or serious sickness can strike a person at any time in their life. The costs of medical care for these serious conditions might swiftly deplete a person’s finances. As a result, it is crucial to be financially prepared for such circumstances.

Let’s say you were just told you have a serious illness, or you fear you could in the future because of your family’s medical history. In that situation, selecting terminal illness coverage on your term plan is always advised. It is typically preferable to include this cover in a term plan because it is easily available with a term plan for a minimal premium increment.


People may always buy a term plan that meets their criteria and needs thanks to the wide range of term plans offered in the current market. The most reliable way to ensure that you and your family have enough financial protection to deal with life’s challenges is to get a term insurance plan. To determine the precise term plan premium they would be required to pay for the selected plan, you may utilise an online term insurance calculator. Aditya Birla provides your family with a significant financial buffer at what may be the most difficult period of their lives. It is a fantastic approach to guarantee that you are there for your loved ones at every turn.

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