Setting the right goals as a novice trader

When a trader begins his venture into Forex, he should set up his main objectives for trading. Setting up goals for trading can assist the retailers in winning multiple trades in a row. However, new Singaporean traders often make wrong decisions because they don’t have any specific goals. If you are a novice Forex trader, you can easily make money from the market without losing trades frequently.

Goals that should be set for newbie Forex traders

Forex traders should always have a plan to follow, and in this post, we will illustrate the goals that should be set by all the newbie traders.

1.      Focus and plan on the process, not the profits

In the beginning, traders should set goals based on their trading systems and strategies. Nobody can earn $30,000 per day from this market. That’s why it is better to focus on building the strategy and processes, not the results. Often goals become impossible for the retailers to reach as those goals don’t fit psychologically to the retailers. If the trader thinks that the strategies don’t work for them properly, it can be impossible for them to make a profit.

Moreover, it is not good to change strategies too often because changing a system can affect your emotions. To pave the way to succeed, a retailer must follow a specific strategy. Those who have been trading bonds and mutual funds for a long time, know the importance of having a well-balanced plan. Visit Saxo bank group and you will find many investors who have a six figure income based on the trading business.

2.      Always adopt a unique plan

A unique plan is the most vital thing that a businessman should always adopt and follow. Even if you run an ordinary business, you should stick to a plan. Trading is not like any typical business, in this platform, a retailer has to deal with multiple factors to control his profit. A complete plan should include the way to enter and exit a trade.

While making a plan, don’t try to make it too short or too long. Expert traders suggest the newbies make an informative plan that can be followed and managed properly. In addition to this, don’t forget to add money management techniques and other risk minimizing parameters. Your strategy will help you to set up the size of the position or lot.

3.      No trading

Most traders jump to trade and make profits rather than thinking of their main objectives. Retailers become busy to run after making profits even when the chances are not so equal. They can’t control their greed, and as a result, they trade during a market crash. This kind of attitude always causes a massive financial loss.

It is wise not to trade too often because people want to take Forex trading as their main profession. That’s why they trade frequently, and consequently, they end up losing all their investment and capital. Experienced traders always state that new traders should never consider the FX market as their main profession. Instead, they should enjoy watching TV.

4.      Keep it easy

Many retailers believe that there is something magical in a complicated strategy, which can bring them more profits. However, this is not entirely true. A retailer should always make a simple technique to follow because complicated strategies can often reduce the chance of winning trades. It is advised to not getting too fancy with the analysis of the market or the trading plans.

Making a complicated strategy will make your path to becoming a successful harder. If you are really interested in being a Forex trader, you should stick to a strategy. Keep the entire thing as simple as possible so that you can improve your overall performance. Keep revising your strategies but don’t make them too complicated.


These are the four basic goals that all Forex traders should set before they start to succeed in their trading careers. These goals will surely help you to earn more profits from the currency market.

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