5 Snapchat Influencer Marketing Tactics to Boost Your Campaign


The trend of influencer marketing is increasing day by day. Nowadays brands take the help of influencers to promote a brand. Influence is present on almost every social media platform and influencers do marketing. Influencer Marketing is a marketing strategy with the help of which it is very easy to get results.

Snapchat has 347 billion followers on social media. It is one of the few famous social media platforms. Snapchat can be a good platform for any marketers for brand promotion. With its help, you can increase website traffic, increase sales, provide brand value, etc.

5 Snapchat Influencer Marketing Tactics to Boost Your Campaign

1: Collaborate with an Influencer for an Acquisition.

Social media acquisition is when you hand over your social account to someone else to promote your brand. This method has been one of the few popular ways to promote a brand for quite some time now. You have to choose this type of influencer who will provide value to your brand. One who is a professional and certified influencer, who has in mind your goals and results.

2: Use the Snapchat memory feature.

As a well known brand you would love to showcase your past achievements to the audience. It is very beneficial for your brand. It helps a lot in increasing the presence of the brand. You can do this with the help of Snapchat’s memory feature. This feature can come in handy for saving influencers who are working with you.

  1. Create custom filters.

As you know, Snapchat gives its users the opportunity to create on-demand Jio Filters. These filters are used in business cases. Often brands use these filters to make their campaign or ad attractive and entertaining. Crocs created a great filter of his own on Snapchat. About 4 million people used this filter in 10 days.

4: Add URLs to your campaign or content.

You must have seen an influencer promoting the brand on many of his social media platforms. You liked the promotion of the brand and want to buy the product but you will find a link which will lead you directly to the product. Viewers get angry if the link is not found, and you don’t want your audience to be angry with you.

You must provide a link to the product, or website, to the influencer you’ve been helping, so that they can post the link along with the content. With this, if the audience liked the product, then they can buy the product by clicking on the link immediately. You should keep this feature keeping in mind the needs of the audience. If the influencer you choose adds the link to their Snapchat story then it makes a good impression on the brand.

5: Share behind-the-scenes footage Snapchat is such a platform that is known for sharing real life moments. You as a brand should try to select an influencer and share everyday moments with the audience. It makes a good impression on your brand.

For example, you can share Social Media Marketing statistics of influencers, behind-the-scenes photos from photoshoots, bloopers while making videos, etc. with the audience. This will make the audience believe in your brand and will undoubtedly trust you.

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