10 Reasons Why Your Insurer May Reject Your Bike Insurance Claim

Purchasing bike insurance for your two-wheeler is a bit different compared to other products and services. An insurance plan is a form of trust between you and the insurance company. However, many individuals do not have the correct information about insurance plans.

Two-wheeler insurance plans are products designed to help you get financial coverage if your bike is damaged or stolen. You can either opt for third-party bike insurance or a comprehensive plan to cover your bike as well. Purchasing bike insurance is quite easy these days.

Insurers like Tata AIG allow customers to purchase and carry out the bike insurance renewal online. With insurance for your bike, you get to deal with the damage repair costs without any issues. However, you have to file a bike insurance claim to avail the insurance coverage.

What is a bike insurance claim?

A two wheeler insurance claim is a process through which you can get the appropriate financial coverage for dealing with damage repair costs. First, you have to contact your insurer and inform them about the incident to initiate the claim. Along with this, you will have to provide certain documents to initiate the claim.

While filing a claim will help you get the adequate financial coverage you need, there are certain instances where your claim can get rejected.

Few Reasons Why Your Bike Insurance Claim Can Get Rejected

  1. Not the correct coverage: If you own a third-party insurance plan for your two-wheeler and file a claim for the damages that your bike has faced, your insurer has the right to reject the claim. This is because your policy will only cover the damages that a third party has faced because of your bike, and the damages caused to your bike are not covered. Therefore, you will have to include the own-damage coverage in your policy to get the coverage for your bike. You can get both third-party and own-damage cover by opting for a comprehensive bike insurance plan.
  2. Bike insurance policy lapse: If the insurance for your two-wheeler has lapsed, your insurer holds the right to reject your claim. Insurers generally cover your two-wheeler only during the policy tenure. Therefore, it is better to ensure your policy is active and get it renewed before the expiry date.
  3. Driving under the influence: If the damages happened when you were driving under the influence of alcohol or any other substances, your insurer would reject your claim. This is because driving your vehicle under the influence of any intoxicants is against the law. In addition, drunk driving is listed in the exclusions of a bike insurance plan.
  4. Driving without a valid license: Your two-wheeler bike insurance company may not accept your bike insurance claim if they find out that you were driving the bike without a valid driving license during the accident. Therefore, you must carry your driving license at all times when driving your bike.
  5. Delay in initiating the claim: Insurance companies have a period under which you have to raise a claim with your insurer if your two-wheeler has been damaged or stolen. The period is different for different insurers. If you raise a claim after the allotted period, your insurer can reject your claim as the extended time can be used to tamper with evidence for cases that need a First Information Report (FIR).
  6. Fraudulent claim: Insurance claim settlements offer you a high amount of funds for dealing with the damages. Unfortunately, certain individuals may raise fraudulent claims with the insurer to earn this amount. If your insurer finds out that the claim you have raised is fraudulent, they have the right to reject the claim. Along with this, if you’re found raising a fraudulent claim, you can also face legal charges.
  7. Modifications: Some bike owners add modifications to their bikes to improve their functionality or looks. If you have included certain modifications to your bike, you must inform your insurer about them. This is because some modifications can lead to a hike in the premium amount. If you file a bike accident insurance claim and the insurer doesn’t know about certain modifications, they can reject the claim.
  8. Non-transfer of ownership: If you have bought a second-hand bike, you must ensure that the bike’s insurance plan is ported from the previous owner to your name. If you’re driving the bike without the bike policy under your name, you will not get the coverage when you file a claim.
  9. Illegal usage: If you damaged your two-wheeler while doing something illegal like street racing, your insurance company holds the right to reject your claims. Therefore, you mustn’t partake in such activities.
  10. Commercial use: If your bike gets damaged while being used for commercial purposes like deliveries, transportation, etc., your insurance company will reject the claim. Therefore, you must not use your private vehicle for commercial purposes.


A bike insurance claim is a process through which you get financial coverage for dealing with the damages to your vehicle. You must carefully follow the claim process for your insurance claim. Your insurer can reject your claim for certain specific reasons. For instance, if you initiate the claim a month after the damage occurs, your insurer can reject the claim. It is important to learn about these reasons to ensure you get the coverage you need.

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