Kitchen Maintenance for Every Homemaker

The kitchen is often the busiest part of the home, which is why it tends to get dirty fast. Even preparing a simple dish can create a lot of mess that takes a long time to clean. You’ll have to wipe down the backsplash and counters and wash the chopping board, the knife, the pot or pan, as well as the plates and utensils.

Kitchens have to be cleaned and maintained every single day. But unless you’re Martha Stewart or a cleaning guru, you probably only know how to perform basic cleaning tasks. And if something breaks down, you’ll have to call in a professional in appliance repair. If only there were a better way to keep the kitchen clean.

  1. Clear the counters

Wiping down the counters is one of the most important cleaning tasks for the kitchen, but it often takes a long time due to all the jars and appliances lying around. If you want to reduce your workload and speed up the process, keep the kitchen countertops clear of any clutter.

Remove everything but essential ingredients and equipment that you use on a daily basis. Store the rest inside the cabinets or in the pantry. You also might want to take this opportunity to organize your storage cabinets for easy access. As long as you keep your countertops clear, your kitchen will look cleaner and less cluttered.

  1. Keep the sink empty

Dishes pile up quickly, especially after cooking and eating, but you should never let the dishes sit in the sink for more than half an hour. Wash everything immediately to keep food particles from drying up and sticking to the surface. Exposed food also attracts pests such as rats, ants, and cockroaches.

After doing the dishes, don’t forget to clean the sink. All that oil and grime can stick to the chrome surface, so put a few drops of dishwashing liquid on a clean sponge and wipe the surfaces down. Remove the soap with water and wipe the surfaces dry with a clean cloth.

  1. Clean the cooktop

Whether it’s from spills or splatters, cooktops get dirty very quickly. Make sure to wipe the cooktop down immediately after cooking to remove any traces of food and grime. Don’t wait until spills have congealed and hardened, which will make cleanup more difficult. Perform a deep clean every two weeks and scrub down all the exposed components with soap and water.

  1. Prepare a cleaning kit

Many cleaning tasks in the kitchen have to be done right away, so it pays to have a cleaning kit at the ready. You don’t want to waste precious time looking for the right cleanser or mop just to clean a spill.

Store all your cleaning tools and chemicals in a secure and accessible area. Longer pieces such as brooms and mops can be kept in a closet while smaller items can be stored under the sink or cabinet.

These things will help you keep your kitchen clean with less effort. If you don’t enjoy doing kitchen chores, maybe what you need is a new mindset. Cooking and cleaning are labors of love, and as long as you remember why you’re doing them, you will derive more enjoyment from these basic tasks.

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