Technical Support Comedy

If you have every attempted to obtain service on your pc, you’ll understand why website which is stuffed with technical support horror tales that will take advantage stalwart consumer cringe. This site is devoted to supplying some comic relief to individuals employed in the technical support field, in addition to supplying a forum for that weary tech guy to vent frustrations from possibly probably the most aggravating jobs within the industy. It’s not aimed toward the customer, although studying you’ll have a genuine consider exactly what the tech guys are dealing with alternatively finish from the telephone.

It features tales, jokes and venting about what is happening alternatively finish from the support line:

Dumpster Diving

SF calls stating that her printer includes a “No Print Mind Installed” warning on her behalf Vast screen. Did just a little investigating (okay, I am laying) and *surprise*, paper mind wasn’t installed. I requested SF when there were any other parts within the box her printer arrived (I was expecting her to state yes, since this is a fairly common call, apparently, the black box that is included with the printer is instantly assumed to become “extra ink”). She stated she did not know. Well, where’s this area, I requested. I put it away already. Well, you are screwed, I figured to myself (paper mind piece is more expensive compared to printer). I described this to her, she looks out her window in the dumpster she put this area in. I believe I’m able to still begin to see the box, she informs me. She then, takes the cordless phone, goes lower the steps, in the street and brings me together with her as she dumpster dives for 20 minutes. I put my phone on mute and switched it to speaker, my whole row almost died of laughter and even though it’s cliche (this really happened) we even heard the cat screech without anyone’s knowledge after she (I am guessing) put garbage onto it. SF locates paper mind so we get her printer working . This is actually the best call I have ever endured.

“It isn’t f****** brain surgery” stated by me (muted) towards the last idiot who required to have me review the reboot process (power cycle modem and router, restart computer) 5 (that’s FIVE) occasions after she known as in to possess a new router mac put into her internet modem account. Sorry, I have were built with a string of stupid calls today. I want that T-shirt for holiday, lol.

They have many neat products should you operate in the tech support team arena. It’s marketed such as this: The Technical Support Comedy Store “contains items that have particular interest to individuals that wok in tech support team.” Exactly what does this suggest?

More strangeness than Let me consider including such things as a hyperlink towards the Red Swingline Staple remover site ironically known as Staple They likewise have some excellent T-shirts with witty phrases like, “I labored in technical support and all sorts of I acquired was this stupid t-shirt,” around the front, and “…as well as your charge card number” around the back. During these occasions, that’s funny and vaguely disturbing. Who understood that technical support folk’s sideline clients are scam theiving scumbags — well the acronym is identical.

Another t-shirt that’s certain to make you warm and fuzzy reads “I recieve compensated for technical support…” around the front, “…I do not get compensated of looking after” around the back.

Tech-Support-Comedy is simply plain funny, and whether you are an IT person, a company executive having a frustrated tech guy within the company repairing your computer and mumbling under his/her breath about how exactly stupid you’re, or simply a janitor who purchased a $299 after mail-in rebate Dell vanilla computer, you will find humor and chuckles well worth the trip to the website.

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