10 Tips For Protecting Your Bike While You’re Away On Vacation

When we head out for a vacation, we look forward to the places and things we are going to enjoy. But if you are an owner of a two-wheeler and have left your bike back at home, we understand how concerned you might feel for your bike. Just like a mom away from home is concerned for her kids, you too might be worried about your baby machine.

You can follow these ten tips on protecting your bike when you are away on a long vacation. With the knowledge of these tips, you will be less concerned about your two-wheeler back at home and can focus more on your holiday.

  • Bike Insurance:
    As per the Motor Vehicles of 1988, every two-wheeler plying on the Indian roads should have a valid bike insurance. That does not mean that if your bike is parked in a spot – longer or shorter duration – you don’t need insurance. Your bike can be damaged even if it is parked safely due to many natural or man-made causes; hence take precautions with online insurance for two-wheelers. You can check bike insurance on the internet or search for “two-wheeler insurance near me”. You can use a bike insurance calculator to calculate your premium amount before buying the correct insurance coverage for your bike.
  • Considering you are heading on a Short Vacation (max. 1-week away)
  • Parking in a Secure and Well-lit Spot:
    Select a parking space that is not too far from where you reside. It is recommended that you park in a gated society where the security will keep an eye out for your bike, round the clock. At the same time, you can also request a friend from your building to watch out for your bike while you are away. Also, you can ensure to park your bike in a well-lit spot, which decreases the chances of bike thefts.
  • Fuel Lock:
    While you are enjoying your weekend getaway trip with your best buddies, you do not want goons to steal away all the tank juice. To ensure there is no theft of fuel while you are away, it would be best if you ensure your bike has a fuel lock.
  • Use a GPS tracker:
    Let’s consider the worst-case scenario for a minute. Let’s stay your bike does get stolen in your absence and you do not even have two-wheeler insurance. Your best chance to locate the bike would be a GPS tracker. GPS trackers are readily available online, which will be useful in such cases. Also, it is best if you apply for motorcycle insurance online to cover you against bike thefts and damages.
  • Use Centre Stand:
    This may sound a little obvious, but using the centre stand of your bike instead of the side stand has more benefits than you think. Apart from helping the bike balance itself more firmly, the rear tyre remains more airborne, thereby putting less pressure weight on the tyres.
  • Install a hidden kill switch:
    If you are still concerned about your bike being damaged or robbed, install a hidden kill switch. An easier way would be to simply remove the fuse after you have parked the bike, but do this in circumstances where you know there is a high chance of your bike getting stolen.
  • Considering you are heading on a Long Vacation (more than a month away)
  • Empty the Fuel Tank:
    This time, as your vacation is of much longer duration, one of the best ways to protect your bike from damage is to empty your fuel tank. This will considerably lessen the chances of any internal corrosion or damage to the fuel tank.
  • Check Tyres:
    You must always check the health of your tyres before you leave your bike alone for a long time. Deflated tyres which remain unattended for a long duration will eventually lead to cracks and then damage them permanently.
  • Bike cover:
    If you leave your bike in an uncovered parking space, then cover it with a polyester waterproof and abrasion-resistant bike cover that shields it from the scorching heat of the sun and also lashes of rain.
  • Tie with Chain:
    If you feel sceptical about the bike lock and the area where you have parked your bike, purchase a robust steel chain and tie your bike to a firm pole or a tree. This would reduce the chance of bike thefts. However, there’s a chance of minor scratches on your bike in case someone attempts to steal the two-wheeler in your absence.


After reading the above ten tips, you will probably be better prepared to take care of your bike before leaving for a vacation. While you will miss your bike when you are away, implementing these above tips will improve the chances of your motorcycle staying safe and secure.

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