Increase Your Employees’ Productivity- Ways To Track Time Management Of Employees’

If you talk about workplace productivity, you might find that some employees are continuously busy at their work but are not yielding any tangential results. If you are from the human resources department, then it might be a part of your work to find out the root cause for this non-performance. It is a part of the Technological process to keep track of the employees’ performance.

If you are a team leader, then you should be trying to figure out ways in which you can, keep a measure of your team’s productivity.  It is not rocket science and with some effort, you will be able to keep track of the outcome of their work. Since manual processes are not 100% foolproof,  modern technology has created many tools that can be used for this purpose. Mobile tracking free is one such app that can be used for tracking targeted devices in terms of SMS/MMS, phone calls, browser history, and so on. Click here for more details .

Research says that about 30 to 40% of an employee’s use of data is not related to work.  Employees have also been often found browsing the net for personal purposes and also spending time on social media handles. Though some of the organizational policies,  keep all the social media sites blocked from being approached from an official network,  mobile phones can be used to get to these sites.

When to track employee activities

In today’s scenario when most of the offices are shifting to remote work mode,  it has become increasingly important to keep track of what they are doing with their time at home. Though there are some parameters put in place to keep track of employee productivity,  it has been seen that when employees are allowed to work from home they get into a comfort zone,  and compromiseswith the professional attitude.

It is very important to discreetly track what employees are doing during work hours.To do that there have been many tracking apps that are being used by organizations to discreetly track the employees’ presence in their workstations.

It is a need to ensure that remotely working employees are busy and completing their tasks on time. If employees are involved in fieldwork,  there should be a login pattern that can be detected online.

Can an organization track employees

USA law allows employers to monitor employees’ online activities,  including how much time they are spending on social media platforms, what are the websites they are browsing, and so on. Thereby, organizations also have workplace policies that demonstrate this law.

The policies for recording phone calls of employees vary from state to state with separate regulations on whether the employers can track the phone calls of the employees without their consent.

Ways to track employee activities

Mobile monitoring apps like mobile tracking free, work best for suspenders tracking as they can track the website history,  employee movements while on fieldwork,  GPS location of the employees,  time spent on social media handles, and unprofessional chit chat during work hours.

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