Why Choose Luxury Accommodation Over Airbnb?

When you look for accommodation in Auckland, you get swamped with offers from rental apartments, cheap holiday homes and more often than not, Airbnb lodgings. Luxury accommodation, although costly, has a number of advantages over any of these, for various reasons. While backpackers often look for budget accommodation, it is always nice to treat yourself to luxury accommodation now and again.

Value for Money

If you’re a luxury solo traveller or you wish to stay with your family in exclusive accommodation, first-class lodgings aim to give value for money. Luxury hotels and private accommodation go out of their way to ensure their guests get the best possible experience when staying with them. Attention to detail counts, but this attention to detail is often missing when you book with Airbnb, even in higher priced accommodation. If you are searching for exclusive accommodation in Auckland, you must take a look at for some outstanding options.

Here are just some of the extras you don’t find when you book Airbnb:

  • Personalised welcome amenity
  • Champagne when celebrating a big occasion
  • Special treats for the kids
  • Custom made cake for your birthday

Airbnb really only offers a change of scenery, not a top-quality venue with luxury amenities.

Outstanding Service

Nothing beats the service you get from a luxury hotel or private lodging. There is a good reason why leading hotel chains are very particular when hiring staff. They want well-trained individuals who know exactly how to make guests feel welcome and at home in their new surroundings. When comparing Airbnb, service is a key differentiator for luxury accommodation. You just don’t get the same service from Airbnb as you would a luxury hotel or private lodgings.

Comfortable Bed

One of the biggest things any traveller needs, whether a backpacker or luxury traveller is a comfortable, soft bed. You’ll be very lucky to find a comfortable bed when you book accommodation on Airbnb. When you book budget accommodation you tend to get what you pay for – rock hard bed, dirty linen and lack of efficient air conditioning. In contrast, luxury accommodation guarantees you get a bed which feels like you are sleeping amongst the clouds than on a bed in a hotel.

More Flexibility

There are times when mistakes occur, especially with Airbnb bookings. You end up arriving at your destination only to find you are being put in a room you didn’t ask for. If you’ve booked a rental, you are out of luck. Sorting out the same can take days and by the time you’ve fixed everything, your holiday is well and truly ruined. If you’ve an issue with luxury accommodation, it will be resolved almost immediately without any fuss.

There are many good reasons to choose luxury accommodation over Airbnb offers. Although there are pros and cons to both luxury and Airbnb accommodation, you tend to get what you pay for. Luxury accommodation is just that, high-quality lodgings, outstanding service, incredible amenities and access to all of the things budget accommodation doesn’t offer.

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