Find the Right Place to Buy Coloured Diamonds in Singapore

According to Greek mythology, left hand ring finger is the goddess of love. There is a vein without any branches that straight goes to heart and this is labelled as vein of love. Hence, if we wear a wedding ring in that finger it believed to make a direct connection with your heart.

Before diamond mines were discovered, diamonds were very rare. Diamonds are most treasured as gemstones. It plays an important role in betrothal as a status symbol. If you have an idea of buying an engagement ring in Singapore get to know what the different colours and shapes of diamond means.

There are different colours of diamonds and are also known as fancy diamonds with a special meaning behind them. Before you buy your sparkling diamond, it would be better to know the meaning so that you buy which one suits you the best.

  • Classic diamonds are the traditional choice as a wedding ring. They represent passionate love.
  • Yellow diamonds also known as Canary diamonds comes in all shades of yellow. It symbolic to making the most of what you are capable of.
  • Pink diamonds are the most expensive ones. Pink is also the symbol of love.
  • Almandine garnet, this dark wine-red gemstone symbolises serenity and passion.
  • Aquamarine, also known as blue beryl, is in bright vivid colour of tropical ocean. It symbolises courage and communication.
  • Blue sapphire, these regal gemstones are fit for royalty. It emphasises you will be honest and loyal.
  • Blue topaz, a symbol of peace and tranquillity, loyalty and eternal love. It serves as a reminder to stay true to you.
  • Champagne diamonds, these are elegant and modern and represents enthusiastic supporter.
  • Green diamonds are an exotic choice and symbolises growth.
  • Grey diamonds are for stylist women. It suits well with any outfit.

Coming to the shapes, each shape has got something to tell about you.

  • Round is a traditional one and Pear shaped means you are a strong individual
  • Radiant shape is for trendy type and Princess shape for bold woman
  • Heart shape is for bold women and oval for creative individual
  • Asscher means vintage and luxury and Marquise shape for flashy ones.

Have you chosen the colour and shape which fits you the best? If you are planning to buy a sparkling ring for your wardrobe in Singapore, take a look at the wonderful collection at Venus Tears, who offers high quality GIA certified diamonds at reasonable price with guaranteed customer satisfaction.

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