When Is the Best Time to Move your residence in Toronto?

There could be any number of reasons why people move out of their homes. Whatever be the reason, it takes a lot of effort, planning and time spent into this process. Among all the facets of this process, the one thing that many people do not take into consideration and that plays a crucial role is, timing of the moving. The time chosen for the relocation eases stress and makes it easier with the numerous behind the scene activities. Moreover, perfect timing will save money.

What is the perfect time for moving?

The perfect timing cannot be pinpointed. Instead, it depends on the day, week, month, and the season that you choose. In addition, booking early in the morning of a particular day allows more time for the entire process. Let’s see why each of these factors is crucial.

Weekdays are perfect

Although you may want to make the move leisurely on a weekend, that would be the worst day of all. Weekends are the busiest day for the movers and it is often difficult to get bookings from the reliable movers in Toronto. Weekdays, precisely Tuesday-Thursday, are the more appropriate choices for relocation.

Weeks of the month

The first and last weeks of the month are busier when compared with the weeks in the middle. It will be less busy with the bookings as well as the traffic on the road when compared with the other days.

It is also likely that you get a better deal with the professional movers. In fact, many companies do have a discounted rate for the non-popular days for moving. So, if you are considering only the weeks and day of the month to perfect the timing, Tuesday-Thursday of the 2nd or 3rd week of the month would be ideal.

The perfect month

It is sensible to avoid the peak months of summer. Not only are rate higher during these months but the availability is also lower because of the rush with bookings. The perfect choice for a planned relocation with no liabilities would be September-November when the weather is pleasant and the rush will be over.

The ideal season

Fall and spring season would be ideal for no-traffic moving. Since the schools will already be open by fall and spring still has classes, it reduces a major crowd on the road for the relocation. These are the ideal timings for those who do not have to depend on the school schedule for moving.

In fact, many of the residential movers in Toronto and other cities prefer this season as there would not be too many bookings at this time.

The spring season would be ideal if you can plan it. Since there would be more daylight during this time and companies like ‘Let’s Get Moving’ have their working hours extending till midnight to make maximum use of the available light. Even if the process took longer than expected, you can still finish it without having to worry about dealing with the darkness outside.

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