Trollishly: Watch Out How Facebook Marketing Is Taking Over Startup Brands

Facebook marketing is a must for startups to make their brand aware and sell products and services. The app’s built-in tools provide a great way to create posts and videos that generate more sales for your business. Startups need to find new ways to expand their reach. So they can seriously consider Facebook marketing in their strategies. Facebook marketing has been known for longer days. Over the years, the strategy has been dynamic changes, and many creators have found new ways to market their products. But still, many marketers are trialing methods for better engagement.

In general, when you start your business with an online platform account, it does not need to generate a new one after your growth, and your audience will know your online presence. However, if you didn’t invest in Facebook marketing at the initial stages, you would miss out on a significant income for your business. So it would be best to create a Facebook account at the earliest. Furthermore, if you want to captivate your target audience, you can buy facebook reels likes and boost your performance. 

Let’s learn more about best practices and make your startup stand out from the competitors. Let’s begin! 

Few Tips For Startups To Use Facebook

  1. Facebook Profile Setup

It is a simple process, but you need to be careful when it is for the business. Your profile is like a business card in the online world. The profile is the first thing that catches millions of eyes. You can keep the brand name as your Facebook profile name. It will make the audience easy to find your profile. Keep the hashtag in every post embedded with the brand name. If people search with hashtags also, they will see your profile easily. Keep the logo of your brand as the profile picture. The picture should be with high clarity and attractive. 

  1. Facebook Page Optimization

When a viewer opens your Facebook page, it should resemble professionalism. So importance should be given to the proper usage of words and selection of keywords. For example, in the Facebook about section, you can include your nature of business, working hours, location, etc., for better approachability. In addition, a business page should have relevant information like product announcements, blog posts, employee posts, user-generated posts, etc. As Facebook is an entertaining app, brands can show the humanizing side. 

Please avoid multiple postings on the platform, as it may be considered spamming as per the algorithm. But you can post using different features like stories, reels, ads, etc., at a simultaneous time. Check the analytics to see the best time to post on Facebook. Startups can initiate with simple and understandable posts, and then you can go with including more elements. 

  1. Post Boosting

Facebook now has an option called ‘Boost post.’ Here startups can leverage by posting engaging content. The app makes your post reach a highly targeted audience when you choose this option. If you plan to increase your visibility, try using Trollishly and acquire outstanding improvement in the follower rate. 

  1. Utilize Facebook Groups

If you are a startup, try interacting with similar marketers and brands. You may get more leads on Facebook when you search on the Facebook search tab. There are already so many Facebook groups on the platform; join the one that suits your niche. The groups will help you build your knowledge from your peers. You can even do collaborative work to enrich your brand. You can even ask for advice on promoting your business with Facebook groups. 

  1. Create A Facebook Marketing Campaign

For every ad, you can create a campaign. See the perspective of the audience reach for your campaign. Facebook is not an intimidating platform, but you may find success fruitfully if you know the tools and tactics. Creating an effective Facebook page with SEO will help you improve your traffic. 

  1. Manage Your Facebook Account 

Startups need to be active in the platform always. So it would be best to assign someone who handles your Facebook accounts. Then, if you reply to people’s comments and queries within a day, they will be satisfied that the company recognizes them. Customer satisfaction is the goal of every brand. You can also try using Trollishly and can build your brand authority. 


Measure the success of your campaign at frequent intervals. Startups can follow guerilla marketing and shall post user-generated content on Facebook. You can use ads on Facebook to promote your brand and build trust among the audience with consistent effort. If you keep on trying, you will achieve success one day. We hope this article is quite helpful. If you enjoyed reading this article, you could try implementing the points for your startup. Thanks for reading! Leave the comments below!

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