Machinery that is not running smoothly, whether in the farm, construction, mining, or warehouse, is lost money, time, and productivity. Therefore your heavy machinery needs proper maintenance to avoid downtimes and prolong its lifespan. Plus, your machinery is a significant investment, and the best way to protect it is to practice preventative maintenance.

Here are some ways to maintain your machinery to prolong its lifespan.

Have a preventative maintenance program

You can implement practices to ensure that your machinery lasts long, and one of them is having a preventative maintenance program. You should implement a preventative maintenance plan for every piece of machinery in your fleet, ensuring scheduled inspections, performance tests, and part replacements.

It can help you anticipate upcoming repairs and replacement needs for your equipment to manage the wear that comes with regular operation. A preventative maintenance plan also reduces the risks of your machinery breaking down suddenly and the need to repair or replace critical parts extending its lifespan.

Have the right spare parts on hand

In heavy equipment, most of the wear is caused by parts that need replacement, and it is mostly a matter of when you will replace them. However, do not risk your equipment by making a quick fix with cheap parts. You should keep an inventory of quality machinery spare parts at the ready so that you can replace them when needed.

Take your time to source machinery spare parts from a reputable company such as Kor Pak and save yourself the hassle. Keep track of the parts you have replaced on your machinery and the parts you need to source when the right time comes.

Monitor wear and tear

Although heavy machinery is designed to withstand the heavy workload and extreme weather conditions, it has limits. There are chances that something will eventually go wrong at some point. Thankfully, you can minimize how severe the problem will be by keeping an eye on everyday wear and tear on every piece of machinery you have.

Some of the issues you should address before they worsen include friction, fluid leaks, fuel inefficiency, shock, vibrations, high temperatures, and equipment age. Most importantly, watch the moving parts closely to ensure they work efficiently. Always take your machinery to a trusted mechanic before the problem gets worse.

Understand your environment

The environment your machinery operates has a significant impact on the wear and tear and can increase the risks of a breakdown. For instance, if it runs or is stored in freezing temperatures, the moving parts can rust due to moisture exposure. Therefore take note of how the environment can impact your equipment.

Some environmental aspects to look out for include terrain makeup, moisture, and temperature. When you understand your environment, you will know the preventative maintenance steps to keep everything running smoothly.

A Key takeaway

Anyone who doesn’t know their way around machinery operation is most likely to damage it. Heavy machinery operation requires certification and continuous hands-on training to operate safely and maintain the equipment in good condition.

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