Health Benefits of Hemp Bud Tea

Studies have shown that people living in countries such as China, India and the United States consume a large amount of cannabis root tea, with the US consuming around a third of this global volume. The reason behind the large volumes of consumption is believed to be the large profits earned by the cannabis industry from selling the cannabis extract. A new study however, into the health benefits of hemp has been launched in an effort to encourage more medical research into this plant.

The new research has found that drinking cannabis plant tea could reduce the risk of heart disease. The plant has long been known for its anti-inflammatory properties, but did not receive the attention it deserves until recent years. In the past decade or so, numerous studies on the health benefits of hemp bud tea have been conducted all over the world.

Some of these have focused on the benefits of reducing pain, one of the main reasons why patients turn to cannabis plant tea for relief from chronic pain. Other studies have looked at the ability of the cannabis plant to cure certain diseases, slowing or even stopping the progress of certain incurable conditions.

Some of the conditions that have been investigated include Parkinson’s disease, arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease and Lou Gehrig’s disease (a form of chronic lung disease). It was found that drinking hemp tea on a regular basis reduced the risks of developing many of these disorders. The results were remarkable and were comparable to the effects seen when people strictly followed a restricted diet (without alcohol) that restricted the intake of red meat.

Although it has not been established whether the cannabis plant also has a medicinal use, it is believed that the antioxidants found in the plant may play an important role in the prevention of aging. Anti-oxidants are thought to have a role in reducing the damage caused by the aging process, and some research even suggests a possible correlation between consuming cannabis and reducing the chance of developing heart disease.

There are many other ailments and conditions that can benefit from the healing properties found in this special type of tea. People suffering from cancer, AIDS, multiple sclerosis and HIV/AIDS are just a few of the conditions that may find relief from regularly drinking hemp tea. All evidence supports the theory that the consumption of this plant can reduce the risks of various diseases and health conditions and increase the benefits of the benefits.

It has also been shown that regular drinking of this tea can help to slow down the progression of degenerative eye diseases such as glaucoma. Two specific areas in the eyes that may be helped by this are the macula which are affected by macular degeneration and the retinal pigment epithelium which degenerate with age.

In addition to the benefits derived from regular consumption of cannabis tea, it has also been proven that the extracts of the plant contain numerous healthy benefits. Two of the most exciting findings involve the ability of CBD and THC to treat a variety of illnesses and medical conditions.

The substance that creates this sensation is believed to be the active ingredient in marijuana called THC or tetrahydrocannabinol. Recent studies have indicated that THC and CBD can effectively eliminate the “amnesia” caused by THC.

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