Getting Rid Of Your Old Industrial Air Compressor: Tips To Get A New One

Industrial air compressors are used for the compression of air into storage tanks to be reserved for future purposes. They are necessary equipment in industries as they serve several purposes such as electricity generation, cooling, and heating engine parts, etc. industrial air compressors are built to be durable and cost less on maintenance, however, there are times the device or some parts needs general overhauling. The signs and steps to be taken in cases like this are discussed in this article. Keep reading to get the full details.

Signs to detect the Industrial Air Compressor Problem

There are several reasons which could account for the industrial air compressor problem and this may lead to problem troubleshooting the major cause. Luckily, the industrial air compressor displays some signs during operation which could serve as a problem signal. Here are some of the signs to easily detect the industrial air compressor problem.

  • Non-stop operation of the Compressor: when you detect a problem shutting down the compressor, it could be an indication of a defective pressure release valve or pressure switch. Usually, the industrial air compressor is designed to shut off attains a cutoff level, however, a faulty release valve will hold the pressure which is to be released leading to the continuous working of the device. A damaged pressure switch will not send a stop signal to the other mechanisms. When this sign is noticed, a replacement of the part is needed.
  • Strange Noises: in this case, you have to get accustomed to the normal sounds of the compressor. This will ease the process of detecting a problem in the machine. When an uncommon sound is detected, it could be a pointer to a loose internal mechanism or electrical problem.
  • Failure to Start: if you’ve ever witnessed this problem, it is an indication of a new compressor. But, it could be salvaged if the problem is linked to the circuit breaker, pressure switch, motor, or other minor problems.
  • Warm Air: for a compressor placed in a cooling device, it should blow out cool air. However, if the reverse is the case, then, there is a problem. It could be a result of a faulty part of the coolant or a bad condenser. For the damaged coolant part, it should be quickly changed to avoid breakdown or complications of the compressor.

Factors to consider for an Industrial Air Compressor Replacement

After troubleshooting the type of problem causing an under-productivity of the compressor, you have to consider some factors before purchasing industrial air compressor replacement parts. These factors are discussed below:

Cost: the major decision you have to make is considering the cost of the new part of the entire device. The cost of the device should align with your budget to avoid overspending of money.

Brand/Type: there are varieties of industrial air compressors, and you should have an idea about the exact brand or type to get. Also, the type should be suitable for the application intended. This will help to extend the life performance of the device or part.

In conclusion, a faulty bad air compressor part or device can affect the overall efficiency of your operation. Therefore, you have to notice any problem early enough and seek an expert’s advice on the best solution to the problem.

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