5 Tips for Hiring the Best Video Production Company 

Your company image is crucial, so you want to ensure that you hire the right video company to promote your product or your company. But hiring a video production company can be challenging, especially if you are doing it for the first time and you don’t know what to expect, what to prepare for, and the overall cost of the project.

Hiring a Baltimore video production company to create videos of your company or products is one of the significant investments you can ever make because a video is a powerful marketing tool. When it is done correctly, it can yield great results. There are so many benefits of corporate video production that you can benefit from when hiring the right video company.

Here are tips to help you hire the best video company for your video project.

  1. The company’s experience

Some of the questions you should ask about the company are; the number of years they have been in business if their staff is experienced? Does it have an extensive portfolio or examples of a recent project in your area of business? Remember, anybody can purchase an HD camera and editing software for their computer, create a website, and claim that it is a video production company. Be wary of such companies.

  1. Quality of work

According to Brightcove’s research, poor-quality video can make 62% of customers develop a negative perception of a brand, while 60% of them won’t engage with the brand. Poor-quality videos can really affect your sales even if you are offering the most innovative products or services.  Before you hire any video production, ensure that they have the potential of delivering quality videos to maintain your brand’s integrity.

  1. Cost

Video production companies charge differently for their work; some charge more, while others charge less. Some companies use stock video and stock photographs to keep the budget in check. For most video production companies, time is a significant commodity.

There are projects that take less time and don’t require location shooting. The use of actors and different location shots can make the project a bit expensive. If you want an accurate cost, ask the company about half-day shooting rates or per hour editing rates.

  1. Don’t depend on the demo reel.

Most of the production companies have a demo reel on their websites. A demo reel is a series of clips from previous projects. The aim is to show clients that they are a reputable company with several clients. That sounds good. But what the demo reel doesn’t show you is the image of the finished project.  You not only need a good video with a pretty look, but you also need a compelling video for your company that communicates the message you intend to pass to your audience. Do a thorough research into your potential video company website to find the real videos of the projects they were hired for. If you don’t see any, that should cause an alarm.

  1. References

It’s always a good idea to check references for a company before hiring. You can ask the company the names and number of clients they have worked with. You can also go online and see what previous clients are saying about them. Speaking to the previous clients gives you a good idea about the company’s customer service commitment.

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