Conduct Your Agms Easily Using This Virtual Webcast

It has become very common for all of you in the world currently to know how much you are suffering since this COVID-19 pandemic has happened. Thus, the companies have been affected the most as to how they would discuss their strategies, plans, and agendas daily too with a lot of people at the same time, with a proper internet connection and most importantly on which app or website. This remains the biggest question.

Singapore’s government has also passed a law the same that companies who are registered can conduct meetings remotely. Keeping in mind the whole COVID-19 situation, the government has issued these guidelines, and therefore to help those companies out, Sixmedia is offering virtual AGM Singapore with excellent webcast technology.

About The Media Company:

  • This company offers the best webcast technology in Singapore and has expanded all around the Asia-Pacific region.
  • They will assign a team of experts that will help you out with setting up your Virtual AGM Singapore and will guide you on how to use it as well.
  • Then that team will discuss your budget and get it personalized for you, keeping in check the target audience you have.
  • They are very passionate about their work, deliver professional behavior; you can have full reliability on them as well as their innovation is constantly reflected through the bold behavior of the employees in delivering the advice to every company they take charge of.

Virtual AGM Webcast:

They solely use high-end tech products only to give you the feeling of a physical meeting space only with proper security systems, giving restricted entry to only those whom the shareholders want in. And the best thing is that their team is available 24*7 for constant assistance over any issue. THere are more features also which you can learn by visiting the site.

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