Common Uses of Copper

Copper has an incredibly wide variety of uses focused on its conductivity, resistance to degradation, workability and elegance. It is well suited for domestic and commercial plumbing products, contacts and switch gears, and electrical cabling due to the copper properties. Throughout the residential and telecommunications industries, copper is commonly used in anything from electrical insulation to construction designs.

Copper is a ductile metal of very high conductivity, both thermal and mechanical. Raw copper is smooth and malleable; a coating that is newly exposed has reddish-orange colour. It is used as a heat and energy conductor, as a construction material and as a component of various alloys of metal. Properties and uses of copper possess valuable physical, chemical, and mechanical properties that make the metal and its alloys useful in nearly every sector of the economy. Copper exhibits very high electrical conductivity as well as high thermal conductivity. It also is non magnetic and is among the strongest and most durable metals while still being highly malleable.

Uses of Propranolol

In general, the adverse effects associated with the use of propranolol are transient and mild, and usually are the result of the drug’s therapeutic effects.Propranolol is a beta-adrenergic binding agent and thus a competitive inhibitor of catecholamine activity at beta-adrenergic receptor sites. The key consequence of propranolol uses is to suppress heart rate by reducing or stopping beta-adrenergic stimulation. The heart’s response to stress and exercise is decreased by raising the intensity and force of contraction of the heart and by lowering the rate of conduction of impulses through the conducting system. Both products are used in angina therapy with a view to reducing oxygen intake and increasing exercise.

Propranolol is also used to inhibit the adrenergic activation of future heart pacemakers in the treatment of cardiac arrhythmias. Propranolol is also helpful in treating hypertension in the long run. Many applications of propranolol are for pain relief and anxiety management.

Properties and Uses of Copper

The diversity of uses for copper and its alloys is evidenced in the range of consumer goods and general products associated with these materials. Consumer goods containing copper metal or its alloys vary from appliances and cooking utensils to fasteners to jewelry and objects art. Other miscellaneous uses include coinage, chemical, pharmaceuticals and furnishings. Consumer goods and miscellaneous applications represented five percent of 1986 total domestic demand for copper mill products.

Virtually all modes of transportation contain copper products. Radiators, bearings and brake linings are only a few of the many automobile parts made with copper or copper alloys. Resistance to corrosion and biofouling have made copper products invaluable in a number of applications associated with marine transportation, including propeller shafts, steam and water lines and cladding for hulls. The railroad, aircraft and aerospace, truck and bus industries also make widespread use of copper products. In total, the transportation industry accounted for the remaining 4 percent of domestic demand for copper mill products in 1986.

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