How can I find top corporate relocation services in Toronto?

Moving is never easy and things get even more tangled when we talk about large moves that involve offices and employees. The entire moving process is a hassle just by existing somewhere in your schedule. Synchronizing all of your employees’ programs, finding remote work solutions for a short while, packing computers, furniture, and appliances, and so on, so forth. This is by no means a definition of an easy task. But in case you don’t find the right movers to do the job for you, your commercial move has high chance of becoming a real fail. The bad part is it might cost you a lot to fix the damages caused. Instead of taking this risk, make sure you make the smart choice from the very beginning. Here is how to find top moving companies in Toronto for your upcoming corporate move.

Relocating your entire office comes with a lot of challenges. But before you face any of them, the first and potentially most important one is the relocation itself. Even though you, as an individual, may have hired professional Toronto movers in the past, now you are facing a new situation. How will you know that the movers that helped with your house relocation are going to be equally good when it comes to a corporate relocation?

Do a background check

Most moving companies in Toronto offer corporate relocation services, as well. This doesn’t mean all of them are good at this. One step towards finding out whether a company you find online is indeed specialized in commercial relocations is to see for how many years they have been in the industry. If a moving company just popped out one year ago, there is a high chance they never dealt with commercial moves before. Even if they did, they probably didn’t have so many. Usually, when a company wants to relocate, they look for their movers among the top moving companies in Toronto. Even if they might be more expensive, the extra money they pay will serve as insurance that those guys know what they are doing. If you go online, you will find hierarchies of the top movers in Toronto, published on numerous reliable websites. Those are usually created especially for needs like the one you currently have. Take that as a starting point and then proceed to find out more about those presumably top moving companies in Toronto.

See what others have to say

After you engage in this short research, make a shortlist of three to five moving companies that you would like to work with. Take that documentation even further and read not only what the companies have to say about the relocation services they provide. Instead, make sure to check their reviews and the awards they received over the years. Reviews are a great way to discover things you otherwise might not have access to – most of them being related to how the companies work and what to expect from the crew of movers that will help you with your office move. Top moving companies in Toronto have all their social media full of reviews from corporate customers they relocated over the years. You can read them and get an insight of their professionalism, prices, and procedures. And just for your own peace of mind, check out the awards they received, as well. Any reputable top movers in Toronto should have been awarded at least a few prizes, especially if they have been in the industry for long. After reading and seeing all these, you now probably have an even better idea about which are the top moving companies in Toronto you should consider for your corporate move.

Find out what is included in the price

Any of the top moving companies in Toronto and the GTA will offer you a free quote for your relocation. Most companies charge per hour, so you might think you can easily compare prices. However, be mindful that not all companies offer the same services and products for the money they ask. Unless you want the extra stress of buying your own supplies or paying for extra tools and for services such as crane lifting and furniture wrapping, make sure to ask in advance which services are included in the price! At Let’s Get Moving, we offer all-inclusive services charged per hour. We never add anything else to the bill, because we believe this is how a top moving company in Toronto should treat their customers. So if you need us to pack a few dozen computers, desks, cabinets, and various appliances, and to take them to your new office location, you can be sure we will never charge for anything but the time elapsed! We start charging when our truck heads from our office to yours and we stop the timer when they return. That is everything! No special costs, no extra fees, no small-letter text on the contract or within the terms and conditions.

Get in touch with Let’s Get Moving and request a quote for your upcoming Toronto commercial move! We promise affordable prices, without compromising on the quality of the services we provide. If we haven’t met before, look us up online and you will surely find us among the top moving companies in Toronto. Hundreds of happy customers have also left positive reviews for us on all platforms, make sure to check those, too! Looking forward to meeting you, so call us today for your free estimate!

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