Stop Using Single-Use Plastic and Help to Save the Planet

While people seem to have been talking about environmental issues for many years, there is definitely a sense of urgency now, as scientists and environmentalists announce that issues are now reaching epic proportions. We all saw the young Swedish student blast world leaders for ‘stealing her future’ at the recent UN summit, indeed school children around the world are striking to demand climate action, and people are looking at ways they can contribute to solutions rather than be part of the problem.

Recycled Re-Usable Bags

The solution to stopping single-use plastic comes in the form of re-usable bags that are totally eco-friendly, indeed they are made from recycled plastic, and once their very long life is over, they can be recycled, leaving no carbon footprint at all. Simply search online for Onya eco friendly products that come in a wide range of sizes and types, and you can stop using plastic for good.

Range of Eco-Friendly Products

The eco-friendly re-usable bag supplier would have an extensive catalogue or products, which include:

  • Waste Bags – These turn into compost.
  • Shopping Bags – A range of sizes, these re-usable shopping bags will last you for many years.
  • Food Bags – All shapes and sizes for keeping food fresh.
  • Sandwich Wraps – Perfect for picnics.
  • Coffee Cups
  • Bread Bags
  • Stainless-Steel Drink Bottles
  • Bin Liners

They even have eco-friendly backpacks that are made from recycled plastic, and all of their products can be completely recycled at the end of their life.

Great for Businesses

If you run a coffee bar or a sandwich outlet, why not go completely green and use re-usable products? People like to be associated with firms that promote eco-friendly practices, and whatever your business, if you are in the retail industry, there will be eco-friendly packaging products that are ideally suited. Your customers will be very happy that you do not offer single-use plastic with your products, and this is a great selling point, and one that might just make the difference and bring a new customer on board.

Polluted Oceans

We have all seen those disturbing images and footage of areas of sea that are literally covered in plastic, which is due to currents that take everything that floats to specific areas, and when you consider how many millions of plastic bags are used every day, it makes perfect sense to take a stand. It is merely a question of changing habits, and the next time you are in a supermarket, rather than accepting the plastic bags, you can produce your reusable shopping bags that are made from recycled plastic.

Science Knows

The scientists have been saying for many years that we must act regarding climate change, and while governments are beginning to do things, we, as individuals, don’t have to wait for any government guidelines to cease using single-use plastic, as there are online suppliers of eco-friendly bags for all types of usage.

Once you have stopped using single-use plastic, you will experience that nice feeling that comes with knowing you are part of the solution, not part of the problem.