The Future of Contact Lenses

The contact lens was first conceived by Leonardo Da Vinci in the 17th century, who thought that water could refract light waves, thus altering a person’s vision. Over the next couple of centuries, various scientists tried to create a device that would correct the refraction for a near or far-sighted person, and it wasn’t until the mid-1960s that we had the technology to finely cut plastics into lens-shaped material that can be directly placed on the eye. In the last 20 years, we have further developed the contact lens to the point where wearing them offers the minimum of discomfort and inconvenience.

Coloured Contact Lenses

We don’t need to look to the future to see stunning contact lenses that offer the fashion-conscious woman, and with Lulu Lenses, coloured contact Lenses come in a range of yellows, blues, smokey greys and many other exciting shades. Women all over the world are using coloured contact lenses as a fashion accessory, and why not, if they are available.

Smart Contact Lenses

By combining digital technology with contact lenses, you can have something that enhances your life in many ways. There has been research into solar powered contact lenses, and the results are indeed very promising, and who knows, in 5 years from now, we will all wear smart contacts that bring up info on people we connect with, with their name, date of birth and occupation text placed to one corner. You could meet someone for the very first time and ask after their ailing sister, or know that a person has 3 brothers and 1 sister when they are on the other side of the road.

Health Benefits

Future smart contact lenses will be able to monitor a person’s vital signs, telling you your rate of heartbeat and current blood pressure levels. Body temperature, blood-sugar, glucose and alcohol levels will all be constantly monitored, which could save many lives. With more than 400 million sufferers of diabetes, smart contact lenses could help make their lives much more manageable, and there are already smart contact lenses in Europe that monitor glaucoma.

Easy Shopping

It wouldn’t be difficult to make contact lenses that read barcodes on products; you would only have to look at the item and it would ring up on the cashier’s till, and with digital currency, you could also pay thanks to your smart contact lenses. The potential that smart contact lenses is incredible, and it is likely that many applications will be realised, as the lenses offer clear data presentation to the wearer. Bluetooth technology can be combined with the lenses, allowing them to communicate to a wide range of digital platforms with ease.

Collecting Data

Imagine you are out shopping and you see a dress that you think your best friend would like, you could take an image and send it to her, all by focusing and blinking, which will likely be used as a control mechanism.

One thing is for sure, the future of contact lenses looks very bright indeed, as devices become smaller and infinitely more powerful, and soon it won’t only be those who have a vision problem that wear contact lenses.

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