The Basics of Sump Pumps

Have you ever had a flooded basement? Well, that is one of the most challenging things for every homeowner to have. When you have water stuck in the house basement, it can often damage the house foundation with time. You want to get rid of the water as soon as you can, and that is where a quality sump pump from PumpBiz comes to your rescue.

When shopping for the best sump pump, you should know which type will work for you. Different sump pumps fit different purpose – you want to shop for one that suits your needs.

How does a sump pump operate?

A sump pump is a pump that you use when you want to remove water stuck up in your home basement. A sump is a hole that is curved below the basement floor, also known as a basin. It holds the sump pump. The pump is fitted with high-quality valves that can sense escalating water levels or pressure.

When the water in the basement gets a bit high, the sump pumps it out of the basement and away from your property through the discharge line. The discharge line, also called the effluent, connects the sump pump to the drainage area.

Where should the sump pump drain the water?

Your sump pump normally discharges the water to some designated area like a creek pond, neighborhood drain, or dry well. When setting your drain point, you want to ensure it is not close to your property. This way, you can prevent water from finding its way back. It should be at least 10 or 20 feet away from your home foundation.

Check your city build codes when building drains for the sum pumps. Most cities have unique building codes and strict regulations for determining where the sump pump can drain the effluent.

Types of sump pumps 

There are two most common sump pumps; the pedestal and the submersible sump pumps. The submersible sump pump sits right at the sump below the waterline. The sump is where the water from the basement gathers. The pump has a sealed engine to protect it from water and other debris. This is one of the most recommended sump pumps and one of the most expensive.

A pedestal sump pump is the best for using with smaller sumps. It has an engine that sits outside the waterline. You have to service this type of sump pump often if you want it to serve you for long. It is one of the most affordable sump pumps you will find around.


When shopping for a sump pump for your home, you should beware that most of them mainly operate on electricity.

Therefore, if there is major flooding in your home that triggers a power outage, you should be keen on which sump pump you buy for the job at hand. Although they are a bit expensive, you should opt for sump pumps with battery backups for home usage.

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