Pricy Mistakes You are Making When Booking Flights 

It is a fact that everyone wishes to find cheap flights, but travel experts and professionals know it well that finding deals takes more than plugging in your proper dates and tapping “buy.” There are extensive booking strategies and techniques, but some, even ones you might be using, are fully outdated.

No matter you are looking for Cheap air flights to chennai or any other type of flights to any other destination; when you stop making mistakes; you can make the best moves. The rules of travel change as travel itself change.  Not only are there more options and alternatives for consumers, such as low-cost carriers in an enhancing number of markets and fresh fare classes such as basic economy, but there is even much more transparency around flight pricing that formerly didn’t exist before.   Indeed,  such a transparency is helping debunk commonly and usual held travel myths, that  could be holding you back from saving many pennies.  Well, following are the mistakes that you might be making when booking an air flight.

Booking too late or too early

The belief or thought that you can find the finest rate by buying flights as early as possible is somewhat outdated. You can easily book flights 11 months prior to departure, but as per some of the professionals, this is not really the time to book in case you want the lowest ticket price.  As per some experts,  if you do book more than six months ahead, it can cost you since airlines set their initial prices conventionally.

Then, on the other side, if you do the booking at the last minute, it would be still going to cost you a premium. Prices characteristically start spiking in the two weeks heading up to a trip, and it is very unlikely that you might find a better deal in that window than in case you had purchased at an earlier date.  There has been a research in 2019 that stated that booking three weeks in advance is generally where the best prices are discovered. But then you have to make sure that you don’t miss a fare drop, different apps track the flights you wish to avail and notify you when it is the time to book.In this manner, you would get the tickets at the minimum possible fare. After all, sometimes, it is not about what has been happening; it is about the new ways of booking.  There is never any harm in exploring the options that might get you the best pricing for the air tickets.

Always booking the inexpensive fare

United, Delta, American, and many other, all cater basic economy fares. These are a cut lower than that of standard economy class and mostly don’t allow you to bring a carry-on, choose your seat, or that of change ticket.  Such are the fares that may look like the cheapest flight option, but you might have to either play by their rules or simply forestall paying extra for things that are encompassed in the economy fare. If you have got bags or need to sit with a family member (or hate  or dislike the middle seat), you could actually save money by booking the standard economy fare frank. After all, it is about how you are taking things and making moves.

Purchasing tickets over the weekend

To purchase tickets over the weekend could work with your schedule, but it might hurt your wallet. By shopping for flights at predictable times – or when everybody else is buying , you might hurt your chances of finding a great deal. There are reports that  show there are significantly lesser deals available on the weekend for both that of domestic and international trips. So, you might be missing so many deals and offers that are usually available during the week.  Instead of hoping to find a deal or offer on a Sunday or Tuesday, it would be great if you simply set the alerts for the trips you wish to take using the tools and instruments mentioned above.

Early morning flights

The early morning is often thought to be the cheapest fare of the day, but as per professionals flying at 5 a.m. is the true sweet and delightful spot. There has been data that confirms this finding, noting that spring travellers are witnessing marginal savings by flying between four and eight in the morning.  There have been professionals who want to fly after 8 a.m. and return home from a journey in the afternoon  and it simply means you are more probable to save in case you book an early morning return flight as well.

Moreover, remember that early morning flights are also less probable to be delayed as most of the planes have landed for the night and the airspace is comparatively quiet. Airports are even less crowded in the early mornings having traffic data showing that many airports are busiest between noon and ten p.m.You are surely going to get the best experience and save money too.

Deciding in specific travel dates

There have been reports of 2019 that showed flights departing on the days of Thursdays or Fridays incline to offer the lowest rates (with up to ten percent in savings), while flights that are departing on Sundays were found to be the priciest. While this is significant to keep in mind, the cheapest days to travel differs by flight and destination. By making use of booking engine  you should compare rates over several days or a whole month to see when the cheapest travel days are. In this way you would get to know about the options and make the best move. In people, it is not a good thing to compare right? but when it comes to booking tickets; comparison can land you the best tickets at the lowest possible rates.


So, you can easily check out cheapest airfares to chennai once you keep these aspects in mind. Make sure that you do not make the mistakes that have been discussed in this post and you surely will get best rates.

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